Guy Fieri Eats a Cheddar Burger in Chicago (THROWBACK) | Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives | Food Network

Man Fieri stops by a legendary Chicago hamburger joint, where folks are lining up for the chargrilled hamburgers!
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Man Fieri takes a cross-country trip to go to a few of America's timeless "oily spoon" restaurants– restaurants, drive-ins and – that have actually been doing it right for years. Catch a brand-new episode of #DDD every Friday at 9|8c!

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Man Fieri Consumes a Hamburger in Chicago (THROWBACK)|, Drive-Ins and |Food Network

Eats a Cheddar Burger in Chicago (THROWBACK) | , Drive-Ins and Dives | Food Network

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  1. Chào bạn chúc bạn và gia đình luôn mạnh khỏe vui ve hạnh phúc nhất trong cuộc sống

    1. I have Merkts all the time. It’s like fancy cheese whiz in the best possible way.

    2. @PuritanPureeI’m looking it up online tonight. Thanks for the name.

  2. My favorite cheese burger 🍔 in Chicago! Great throwback! 🍔🍔🍔❗‼️

  3. Absolutely LOVE DDDs, one of our favorite shows even after all these years. My favorite episode was in a town we used to live in at the Monument Cafe. Their King Ranch Casserole was the best. Georgetown, TX all the way!

    1. Same, I’m from the UK and got addicted to DDD years ago, seen every episode multiple times (hate Hawaiian ones though for some reason) it’s my comfort show.

  4. Burgers are a dime a dozen, you’re rated based on your Italian Beef, Chi Dog or gyros. (Polishes to an extent as well)

    1. Well considering this has nothing to do with either of those other items, I’m guessing it’s because it’s a good burger….

    1. 1 – Bread, Hong Mai
      2 – Four Seasons Tea, No. 4 Hang Can
      3 – Grilled squid, Hang Bo
      4 – Grilled Chicken
      5 – Sweet and salty donuts, 242 Lac Long Quan


    1. This is a production of Forest Green Films.

      1 – Bread, Hong Mai
      2 – Four Seasons Tea, No. 4 Hang Can
      3 – Grilled squid, Hang Bo
      4 – Grilled Chicken
      5 – Sweet and salty donuts, 242 Lac Long Quan


  5. Whoever ordered a “well done,but juicy” burger can literally get bent.

  6. We can tell the episode of Chicago is a throwback due to the lack of emergency vehicles speeding by in the intro. Thanks tho

  7. Hate when places put all the veggies under the burger like that. The thinner bottom bun can’t handle all those juices and it ends up falling apart. Put them on top of the burger! Looks freak delicious though.

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