Gordon Ramsay Turns a Full Scottish Breakfast into a Sandwich

is "home" in Scotland for Scrambled and is up a heart stopping sandwich … he's taking the full Scottish Breakfast and making it portable. That's right a Full Scottish Breakfast Sandwich. You'll require a nap after a bite of this sandwich!

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Turns a Full Scottish Breakfast into a Sandwich

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Gordon Turns a Full Scottish Breakfast into a Sandwich

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    1. ⁠​⁠@@oliverschmidt1988 I used to work in grounds at this place and it’s a small Scottish company who make bespoke setups called Dunnay Ugsist

  1. I was in your home country last month. Mostly in the Isle of Skye and it was beautiful!!!!!

  2. i have watched too much Gordon ,i have now started flaling my arms about and nodding my head while scrunching my forehead.

  3. Love Gordon’s expression at 6 hours away. NOTHING IS 6 HOURS AWAY IN SCOTLAND LOL

  4. Tattie scone (potato pancake) instead of mushroom for the ultimate Scottish breakfast sandwich

  5. I have never seen a cooking set up like this before, but that sausage looks goood

    1. It’s because he makes things eyes have never seen, that’s why he’s 6 Michelin stars…

  6. Fun fact: Gordon hired Nino to clean all his restaurants. Nino has pictures to prove it.

  7. I cant wait for Gordon to do the official deconstructed version of his new sandwich. Haha

  8. I was already going into this wondering what hes going to burn, and its 2 seconds in and its his eyebrows.

  9. The Braveheart Breakfast of Champions. I’ve never heard the words “beautiful” and “haggis” used in the same sentence. But this is Gordon Ramsay cooking happily with childhood memories on a Sunday

  10. I love the part where Gordon touches the partially raw meat to flip it, then touching everything else with the same contaminated fingers. As if he has never yelled in someone’s face to belittle them for lack of hygienic practices in the kitchen.

    Seems like a real double standard if you ask me.

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