Farideh’s Fried Ravioli & Vodka Sauce | The Cooking Show

strolls through how to make , the unhealthy however more delicious cousin to the standard packed noodle meal. She uses three type of and Italian sausage for filling and creates a velvety vodka sauce, transforming a basic ravioli into a crispy, dippable, hand-held appetiser.

Take a look at the dish here:

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Gotta say, I love how you started the video with the spectrum of how to say ricotta from most to least correct, Farideh. Haha

  2. A host who is equal parts entertaining and adorable. Thank you Ferideh for the recipe! Can’t wait to try it out and then make a dairy-free version for the partner!

  3. This makes me think of cheese ragu from Chinese restaurants. Pretty much the same thing but deep fried in wonton wrappers

  4. Farideh is one of, if not the best, cooking hosts I have ever watched. Munchies, their talent, and all of their videos are just the best!

  5. It’s TOASTED ravioli. Nobody calls it “fried ravioli” in St. Louis. Looks solid, though.

  6. hahaha so glad to see I’m not the only one who firmly believes in snacking cheese

  7. Based on Farideh’s energy level that’s not the only”powdered stuff” she’s using 😂😂

  8. There are flavor and aroma compounds in tomatoes that are ONLY alcohol soluble. Adding vodka, wine, etc is the only way to volatilize these compounds and unlock their flavor. EVERY red sauce you make should have some alcohol in it, otherwise you are leaving flavor behind.

  9. Wonderful food and amazing chef. She’s ridiculous, been in a good way….. 😁

  10. Farideh is such a good, fun host. And so informative! I’m such an idiot. I know about the dry hand/wet hand technique for breading but whenever I make katsu my wet hand would always get caked in breading….because I thought the breading part was for the wet hand. But Farideh using her DRY HAND for the DRY breading… it seems so obvious now! Thanks for showing me, Munchies!

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