Delusional Restaurant Owner Threatens Legal Action! | Kitchen Nightmares

sees Cafe Hon, with an owner who's destroyed her local reputation.

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Delusional Restaurant Owner Threatens Legal Action! |

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  1. Cafe Hon did quite well after the episode. Denise retired and sold the business in 2022. One of the few restaurants that did well after nightmares.

    1. Probably because she didn’t like Gordon’s changes but she was hiding behind retirement child

    2. ​@M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë Her restaurant survived for so long compared to most restaurants in Kitchen Nightmares. She obviously likes Gordon’s changes.

    3. @P. Whitestrake so why would she. retire is she could not cope she could have got help and that person could just call her when they need her

  2. Okay wao…💔 Threatening people about??? Especially with a common word… And lying about it??? That’s …🤐

  3. She’s really proud wow. Not accepting corrections at all😮😮😮

  4. 800 Dollars worth of food wasted…crazy
    That’s a lot in my currency

  5. How can Gordon complain about a tall sandwich when he has a video making like a 10 inch burger on his channel.

    1. One is being served to customers, and the other was made in an entertainment video.

  6. *Shes such a textbook narcissist. Its so obvious.* Serious issues taking criticism as a personal attack and instant victimhood/blaming others when confronted.

  7. Cafe Hon closed in April 2022.

    They closed after owner Denise decided to move on to something different, potentially retirement

    The space was purchased by Foreman Wolf Restaurant Group.

    Cafe Hon was aired on February 24 2012, the episode was filmed in November 2011 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 5 episode 13

    1. Oooh, i wondered why the restaurant seemed different on Google Maps. But yeah, it survived for a long time, longer than i imagine

    2. 10 years means it made profit and did well to be fair, even though I don’t like the owner.. and she sold it so made bank

  8. I don’t think there’s anything more consistent than potatoes

  9. It wasn’t right for her to trademark a word people have been using for generations!!!!
    I am glad she did well after the episode and was able to sell out and retire. Everyone deserves a second chance, no one is perfect.

  10. To everyone who sees this comment, keep pushing in life and never give up. Can’t wait to see you successful one day and May God bless you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. 8:10 the way her demeanour instantly changes when she realises she’s been caught out

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