Chocolate Twist Bread | Jamie Oliver

There's absolutely nothing rather like newly baked bread … now include chocolate and hazelnuts into the mix, and you have actually got a favorably tasty breakfast treat. Attempt Jamie's go-to for dough– and why stop at this dish!? Utilize the dough for a pizza base, for some beautiful rolls, and even a batch of dumplings! Baked, steamed, roasted, this dough is as flexible as you need it to be.

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Chocolate Twist Bread |

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  1. is it possible to be a choclate twist bread and then eat youreself hehehe very nice video and recipe jamie greting from denmark 😊🤗

  2. I just had to watch this video twice in order to properly enjoy it! The sheer sensuality of it is mazing! That dough, that liquid chocolate, that orange zest, those nuts…. OMG!

  3. super easy, super yummy super Jamie Oliver ! If i would have the yeast, i would start right now to make this delish gorgeous brad !

  4. There’s a old video where Jamie Oliver was very young, and he rides his motorcycle to the market to do some shopping for a picnic with friends. ¿You got it?

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