Bobby Flay Makes a Lumberjack Breakfast | Beat Bobby Flay | Food Network

presents an entire breakfast buffet on a plate with his cornmeal waffles, , goat cheese rushed eggs, home fried potatoes and bourbon maple syrup!
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To Beat , you're going to need to get to him initially! In this competition series, two talented chefs go head-to-head for the possibility to put their culinary skills to the test versus . The winner carries on to the ultimate battle– taking on against Flay– however not without a benefit: our opposition selects the dish they will both be evaluated on. Can come up with the winning dish with no time to prepare? In this competition, the opposition might get to call the meal, however it's anyone's video game.

Invite to Food Network, where discovering to is as easy as clicking play! Grab your apron and prepare yourself to get cookin' with a few of the very best chefs worldwide. We'll offer you a behind-the-scenes take a look at our best programs, take you inside our favorite dining establishment and be your resource in the kitchen to ensure every meal is a 10/10!

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Bobby Flay Makes a Lumberjack Breakfast|Beat Bobby Flay|Food Network

Bobby Flay Makes a Lumberjack Breakfast | Beat Bobby Flay | Food Network

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  1. A lumberjack breakfast, and Bobby makes it brunch. It may sound odd, but Bobby made it work because that looks really good!

  2. Oh YEEEEEEES! 👍😁
    I’d get myself really drunk and have a mighty hangover just to eat Bobby’s Breakfast. Ha ha ha
    That looks epic! 😍😋 (But I’d love to see some cooked tomatoes 🍅🍅 for some acid and freshness….)
    M 🦘🏏😎

  3. Now, if you’re really hungry, you can try a full English breakfast.
    That has everything but the kitchen sink.


  5. 😆🖑It’s great seeing yah, Mr. Flay!🍳🍽🍸🍜🍚🧀🍅🍞🍓🌽🍄🌶🍆🍛🍝🌯

  6. They made a lumberjack breakfast without referencing ONE TIME suspenders and a bra! For shame, Bobby, for shame. -_-


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