Anne Burrell’s Blueberry and Peach Hand Pies | Worst Cooks in America | Food Network

Anne breaks down the basics of making an easy pie dough and reveals her recruits make scrumptious Blueberry and !
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Anne Burrell and co-host Jeff Mauro invite a fresh batch of star hires to culinary bootcamp, wanting to take these '90s stars from losers to all that and a bag of chips in the area.

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Anne Burrell's Blueberry and |Worst Cooks in America|Food Network

Anne Burrell's Blueberry and Peach Hand Pies | Worst Cooks in America | Food Network

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  1. I wonder what would make a crunchy topping in place of the almonds. I am allergic

    1. Could you ad lib some kind of crumble on top? That uses oats, butter, sugar… just a thought but I don’t know if the butter in the crumble mix might make the hand pie crust soggy? Don’t know- I guess it’s just something to experiment with.🤷good luck

  2. Love hand pies and peaches and blueberries!!! Yum! Anne does a great job showing them step by step baking and how to pay attention to multiple things cooking at the same time. She does a good job at instructing them on how to handle the juggling act!👍

  3. I am not a baker by any means, but this looks easy enough to do. I may try this.

  4. Who puts your pants on in the a m Stop eating all the pies make them doñt eat them kevin wembley London

  5. You must kñow your own people have put you down as worst cooks i do agree you over fill it shows when staff say it you must get it who Spays your pants on be safe my your good Go with you kev wembley London

  6. Lol look how they were touching the dough like they never seen it before.

  7. So, it’s very important when you are baking we MUST measure (proceeds to use volumes, not weight measures and grabs “like” a half teaspoon of salt).

    1. it’s North America, there’s a reason there aren’t many top pastry chefs from the region lol

    2. @mystickirby EDUCATE yourself before commenting on a subject you are obviously UNEDUCATED and UNINFORMED about.
      Burrell is a chef just NOT a pastry chef.

  8. It just occurred to me, these are people who know nothing of baking or cooking. Why on earth would you make such a dish with so many steps? Why not just a simpler pastry they have a better chance at succeeding with less technicalities.

    1. This is a TV SHOW that’s called Worst Cooks in America. Have you ever seen it??!The cooks/contestants are supposed to be learning skills and each episode they are challenged with a more difficult task to build on their skills! By the last episode they are expected to be able to make a several course meal! If everything is simple, you don’t continue to learn new techniques- you gotta accept the challenges!

    2. @Jan Zebuski last time I checked, we are all entitled to our very own opinions, or didn’t you get that memo😂

    3. @NM tmblwd of course, I completely agree that everybody has their own opinion!!! I was just pointing out the concept of the program. It is really like another cooking game show and the”contestants”/cooks are being tested on their abilities to learn NEW cooking skills. Not just using skills that they might already be familiar with. That’s all I was pointing out- my opinion…

  9. Anne’s a wizard! Thank you so much, Anne Burrell. It’s such a pleasure learning from you.

  10. Peach/blueberry is my go to… jam, upside down cake, muffins, hand pies. All of it so yummy.

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