How to Boil the rice – #Tips&Tricks | ChefHarpalSingh

This will tell you how you can boil the rice the best way.

Rice Dish:

Basmati rice– 2 cups
Salt – 1 tbsp

Technique: –

1. Heat water in a pan and bring it to a boil.
2. Wash the basmati rice 2 twice with water and soaked it for 15minutes.
3. Drain and add it to the boiling water.
4. Add salt and mix. Cover and for 8-10 minutes, stirring in between.
5. Drain and utilize and prefer.

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How to Boil the rice – #Tips&Tricks | ChefHarpalSingh

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  1. I love how make videos for the simplest yet essential of things. Very few people can cook the perfect rice for Indian cooking. Thank you.

    1. chefharpalsingh hello husband like basmati pulao but i cant cook is very difficult to understand how long should we boil and how much water is neede.i will try your recipe and see.your video is great👍

  2. Thank you for all these tips and trick! I’ve barely cooked rice in my life, my mother usually does that and I never really payed much attention. Thanks to this video I can make food for my family 🙂

  3. Chef, I had a little trial and error on how long to boil (first batch was over cooked), but after that, your method turned out GREAT basmati rice that made AWESOME egg fried rice. Thank you!!

  4. I found ur video very interesting and an important part of my knowledge in making the perfect rice for my little family. Thank you keep the videos coming!!

  5. Thank you sir, you gave the best possible instructions for making rice, as a beginner I appreciate the tips you mentioned along with the brief procedure.. thanks again

  6. Most excellent. this is how I do my rice, long grain, & basmati. sometimes I will rinse with clean hot water after finished cooking and drained if it is still a bit sticky. I make large batches and keep it in the refrigerator for quick use. I found the post cooking rinse makes it still very fluffy even when cold and no loss of flavor. I also add one teaspoon of salt to the water to help in making the water more easily penetrate the grains which reduces cooking time by a little so my rice has a good “bite” to it all the way through. Sometimes the grains can be softer on the outside if cooked just that one or two extra minutes. Before I put the batch in the fridge, I add one tablespoon of sugar. This reacts with any left over starch on the grains and also helps prevent sticking. these are old secrets from a Mexican Food Master I worked with. Using this “free” rice for fried rice dishes makes for a very excellent, free grained rice that colors beautifully with the various colorful ingredients.

    Thank you for a delightful learning experience. I will watch many more of your videos.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas too and i am sure all people who visit this page will get to know more..

  7. Thank you very much Mr. Chef!  After watching your video, I was able for the first time to make great rice just like the Indian restaurant Himani’s in Astoria, Oregon makes.  I have tried many times before, but all of the recipes I found online seem to cook the rice too long.  The rice gets overcooked, and the grains look as if they had exploded.  You recipe is perfect, thank you again!

  8. good video great instructions and you explained everything thank you, was wondering if i was ganna botch this, but it turned out great thank you

  9. Thank you for this beneficial video. What are the benefits of taking the excess starch from the rice? 🙂

  10. Thank you! This turned out perfectly for me! This technique is so easy and gives you much more control than the absorption method. Highly recommended!

  11. Simply fantastic. Never been able to get rice right and have tried many methods. Followed this to the letter and the rice was beautiful,light and fluffy with no sticking whatsoever. Thank you my friend and happy new year.

  12. I did my rice like you showed and it was the first time ever that my rice was wonderful. Thank you!

  13. Harpal Sokhi thank you so much for your Passion and love by teaching us how to cook rice. This is the teachings that I need. Thank you so much Harpal Sokhi. Love you. 💖💖💖 XXXX

  14. This is exactly how I cook my basmati rice. It comes out fluffy and grainy. Not a big fan of sticky rice so this method works great for me.

  15. Chef I’m really a big fan of yours. I find your explanations extremely lucid and at the same time quite vivid. Some people might not be interested in the basics but sometimes even if we are quite good at complicated cooking we do ignore the basics. But it is extremely important to know the basics first and also the tricks involved in them. Thanks a lot chef.

  16. Sir. Thank you sooooooop much for this. Even when I make a batch. And meal prep. It’s still soft. Unreal!!! Thanks again 😄👍🏽👍🏽

  17. I love the beautiful decorations sir around your studio kitchen. I wrote down your method of how to cook Rice for the beginners. So I don’t forget how to cook Rice because I want to cook Vegetable egg fried Rice. Your method of cooking Rice helps me how to cook Rice properly. It’s amazing what you can do with Rice cooking all kinds of different Indian cuisine dishes. Different methods. I love this stage of Step 1 on how to cook Rice for the beginners. Was thinking of following your method of how to cook Rice again and from there I could take it to level 2 of making vegetable egg fried Rice. By making it tasty and yummy. I still feel I need more teaching from your videos on cooking Rice methods like biryani how to flavour Rice with cumin seeds or something like that. I’m still on the baby Steps still on learning how to cook Rice on a different level from your videos on different dishes.

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