How to Boil an Egg! | Jamie Oliver

Do not stress guys, you know we have actually got you covered on the fundamentals. Jamie's here with tips to make sure you never ever get a boiled incorrect once again! Dippy with soldiers, or difficult boiled for a salad, you've now got .

Not only that, but we have actually got a timer video for you too! We're just so excellent to you men. Have a look at this video, bookmark it, and you'll have the best timings readily available whenever you need –

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How to Boil an ! | Jamie Oliver

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    1. you would be stunned about the amount of professional chefs that can織t boil a medium egg

    2. Graham D
      1. Get a straw, raw egg, and a knife
      2. Make a hole inside egg
      3. Get the straw in the hole in the egg
      4. Your straw is now in the hole, in the egg. The hole is in the egg
      5. SUCC
      6. ???
      7. Profit
      8. Go to a hospital and stay there for a month

  1. Thank you Jamie, have just made and followed precisely, absolutely perfect soft boiled eggs. . First time perfect in years .

  2. Omg i am not ashamed to say I really needed this vid thanks Jamie my man!

  3. Sounds silly, but most of us don’t actually know how to boil an egg to perfection, even if we are good cooks

    1. @DdexX to find out how many people cant cook an egg! Probably because theyre watching Jamies videos instead of Marcos or Jacques.

    2. @Euro Guy 85 From *memory Only,* what is the cooking time for a soft, medium and hard boiled egg?

      If you know these three cooking times, than good on you.

      If you’ve forgotten, that’s okay. I’ve forgotten as I only eat medium.

    3. @janX9 3-5-7 after rigorous boil, start with cold water.
      I dont even have to google it. Its part of my job.

  4. The salt trick is brilliant. I always seem to have eggs leaking in the pot.

    1. Prick them, for God’s sake. The little machine is available in cookery stores or online for a couple of dollars.

  5. The first time Ive seen this lesson where you talk about the starting temp of the egg. Bravo! That is something every teacher forgets or assumes everyone knows.

    1. Room temperature in the winter is likely lower than in summer. Does Jamie take account of that and add another minute or two to the boiling time? I think a spreadsheet is needed here.

  6. So pleased so many people in this comments section were taught how to boil an egg or discovered how to themselves. For those who didn’t have parents who knew how to boil an egg or didn’t think it was worth passing the info on this is invaluable so that people who don’t know can learn. Thanks Jamie for being willing to teach the basics. This is why Home Economics should be back in Schools for everyone.

    1. @Javis Smith I’m not sure I understand your comment. Did you mean those who don’t know how to boil an egg could simply ask someone? If so, what about those people who don’t have someone to ask, or struggle to ask for help. We need to remember that just because we are able to do things ourselves, even apparently easy things that we couldn’t imagine someone else struggling to do, doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who struggle with those things. It’s great if you’re someone who is able to ask for help and if I’ve understand what you’ve said that you have clearly got people to ask for help that’s great too. Just try to remember not everyone is so fortunate.

  7. love how jamie makes it easy for everyone compared to other chefs..
    keep it up mr oliver

  8. One note of caution, if you live in North America:

    Supermarket eggs (both regular and free-range) are usually washed prior to shipment, removing a protective coating that keeps them from becoming too porous. For that reason, eggs in North America *have* to be refrigerated to preserve their freshness, contrary to what JO says.

    1. Just look at where they sit in de supermarket. That should point you towards what to do at home.

    2. Definately need to be refrigerated or they will spoil and who wants to piss about oiling them or whatever? Jamie is completely wrong on this one Im afaid.

    3. @Don Mclachlan they don’t need to be refrigerated as long as you don’t live in the land of bible bashers and school shootings. Oh sorry, freedom!

  9. In response to the sarcastic comments here, I’m 63, have been cooking nearly all my life, and would say that boiling eggs successfully is not an easy thing to do. I, for one, am grateful for any help.

    1. @supergran1000 That’s fantastic. That’s the best way to be. I’m glad you weren’t offended.

    2. I manage boiled eggs ok but I’ve never succeeded at making a good poached egg.

    3. @Mr Shenanigan to do in the literal sense it easy, but to have the perfect egg, soft boiled, medium, hard can be tricky if you dont know your timing

  10. These are the kinds of videos I love. In-depth discussion of basic cooking skills. I always learn something new.

  11. Ive been doing it wrong for over a decade! Thanks Jamie for showing me the right way

  12. in my opinion salt helps not cracking as salty water has higher specific density than fresh water , so the egg has a bit more resistance on the water,so it is hit with lower power on the pan’s wall. in other words, eggs in fresh water can’t float,while in salty water they perhaps can float.
    for me the best is to put in a small white towel

  13. My parental figures always had the attitude of ‘It’s easy figure it out’ 12 years later and this is the first time I’ve cooked an egg well, I can cook a three course meal with two options a piece for 7 but I couldn’t boil an egg well! Thank you so much Jamie for explaining the basics.

  14. Loved ur boiled egg technique, I can mlm honestly say this is the best boiled egg I’ve ever eaten. Usually my eggs wind up to dry, probably cause I don’t want them under cooked. But this was perfect, thank you so much.

  15. Thanks Jamie! Soft boiled eggs were sheer perfection after I followed your instructions. Yay!

  16. Brilliant! I bought 6 farm eggs two days ago and cooked the first one to-day. 5翻 mins, and followed the instructions TO THE LETTER. This gave me a firm whte and a runny yolk, exactly what I wanted delicious, so thanks very much.

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