How To Make Cake For Your Coolest Family Members | Yummy Birthday Cake Hacks | So Yummy

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For Your Coolest Household|So Delicious Birthday Cake Hacks|Perfect Cake Recipes

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How To Make Members | Yummy Birthday Cake Hacks | So Yummy

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Hey, we loved this video! We can’t wait to share our own “cake hacks” soon!

  2. So good designs probably gonna make one for my lil sister”s birthday!😁

  3. o bolo tá com a cara ótima Deve estar muito gostoso tô babando para mim experimentar muito bom muito gos

  4. Hi, I’m Brazilian and I love your videos. The cakes are beautiful.

    1. OMG I can’t eat these cakes🤤
      They are so delicious and cute.😍
      And what do ya think? 😋 ===> Like & Share

    1. @maria Manuela almeida had a tiger for a few minutes before she 🥰👩‍🏫

  5. At 9:23 it looks like the cake my little sister got for her birthday delicious 😋

  6. Wonderful and tasty cake
    The video is so great
    Really like your tutorial
    Thanks for sharing

  7. I love it how you design The bird cake its too cute I love your baking ideas! 🎂

  8. Wow! You are creative! These cakes are beautiful and they look delicious! Love your vids ❤🍰

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