How to Cook Artichokes | Food How To

Love , however too terrified to make them at home? We're here to help you of the Spring veggie, as it's a lot easier to prepare than it looks. Learn steam, roast, and – of course – consume them, then get cooking with a whole host of artichoke dishes. Keep seeing to get to the heart of the artichoke.

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Just tried my first artichoke after watching this, and I have to say I really like them!  Miss Piggy didn’t exaggerate too much when it comes to the leaves, but the heart is pure goodness.  Thanks for the great video!

  2. My family and I love artichokes! We pair them with a dipping sauce of mayo, lemon juice, salt and pepper. So good!

  3. This is the best primer on artichoke I’ve ever seen. I needed this. I’ll give it. Try this week. FYI: I also was one who was eating the whole thing. Now I know why it was so chewy. lol

    1. It’s not that bad, the end of the tips get softer and the pokey grassy part of the heart is inedible. Think fiberglass, just remove all the fiberglass and you’re good!

  4. This is one plant that does NOT want to get eaten. Spikes, choking hairs, etc. I wonder who first had the bright idea to eat these things in the first place…

    1. The name, artichoke, comes from arabic and means literally “earthen thorns”. It’s very popular in many Arab countries along with other specialities that has thorns such as Akkoub, which is also a type of thistle and is much more harder to clean and prepare than artichoke, but definitely worth every bit of effort put into it.

  5. This was super informative! I love how you described each step, Brandi!!

  6. this is sooo helpful and informative!! btw I think cutting the leaves is optional because the spikes soften when you cook the artichoke. also, you don’t have to cut the stem as much as you did.

  7. Wonderful video. Speaking of interesting sayings, here is one that I think really makes sense once you have seen the video – “Life is like eating artichokes, you have got to go through so much to get so little.” attributed to Thomas Dorgan.

  8. This video was really put together well! I am glad I watched this one first, you taught me how to prepare, 2 ways to cook them, how to eat them and lots of bonus info along the way. Amazing considering you kept it at 5 minutes. Thanks!

    1. Well? She never once in the intro, talked about the choke (thistle) before going into the cooking teciniques. She even showed how to cut and roast one and cut one in half, and clean the stem, but Not Once, did she mention the “CHOKE”.

  9. Artichokes are delicious. I was introduced to them as a child when I lived in Paris and they are not at all intimidating. They are SO worth the effort. My mother never bothered cutting the sharp ends because they are soft after steaming. As for dips – no Frenchman would be caught dipping the leaves and the heart in anything other than a small bowl of pure melted butter (just like you do with lobster).

    1. Italians rock a great artichoke too, just got back from Rome and the carciofi alla Romana are to die for!

    2. @Stephen Thompson um well this conversation is scintillating and all but bye

  10. I’ve never had these but binge watching cooking videos at 1am has made me suddenly feel the urge to buy one right now and eat it. I’ll do that tomorrow actually

  11. Very well done! 👍🏻. Great detail on cooking, never thought to roast. I always wondered if I was eating it correctly. Love the short stories. Thanks for staying on topic!! 🙏

  12. Wow! I had absolutely no idea how to cook an artichoke OR even how to eat one! Thank you, so, so much!! You covered all my questions! I cannot wait to try one!

  13. This has been incredibly helpful! Thanks so much for sharing! I feel like I learned so much from this short video!

  14. Excellent info and presentation! Thank you for explaining so well, and love when you threw the petal:) wonderful video☺☺☺

  15. I’ve bought and composted more artichokes than I care to imagine. Finally making some tonight!

  16. OMG I love the video, you explained really well! I’ll make it today 😘

  17. Best video on preparing and eating an artichoke I’ve seen. I was beginning to regret buying two yesterday until I found your video. Thank you.

  18. Thanks so much! This video was so perfect. It covered all my questions. I’m going to roast an artichoke next week!

  19. Okay! Now it makes sense. I’ve also been chewing on the whole petal wondering where the nice soft “heart” is I’m used to eating ready prepared. Fantastic video. Thank you.

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