Salmon Scallop Pizza | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Wolfman, Pitmaster at the Wolf and Rooster Chapter takes fresh New Zealand Scallops and salmon and combines it into a wood fired pizza.
Music By Bluehouse with the Lease to Own Horns

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Salmon Scallop Pizza | Recipe |

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  1. 👍👍вот если бы субтитры русские были) цены бы вам не было)

  2. Now that’s the Ocean in a perfect pie👍
    Guud Job WolfMan and Chur Bro!!
    Great tunes by”Blue House and the Rent to own Horns!! BPB4L

  3. Scallops and salmon…oh wow, y’all always taking the recipe up to the next level. This is what separates BBQ pit Boys from the rest. Thumbs up!

  4. I’ve been watching countless of your videos and through the miracle of time I’m still very very hungry

  5. This channel is clearly run its course, what’s next? Trout with Mac and blue cheese burrito casserole ?

  6. Gotta eat this the day you cook it…I imagine the leftovers won’t be too appealing 😋

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