How to GRILL THE KING OF ALL STEAKS! The Ribeye Cap Steak!

Today I am preparing the KING OF ALL STEAKS! Besides this fantastic steak, I also show you step by step on how to butcher it yourself so you can save big when getting this cut from your local shop. This steak is called Ribeye cap AKA Cap Steak, it is the very best part of the cow in my viewpoint and this steak can impress anyone.

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I grilled it for about 20min @ (325 ° F/ 163 ° C)

. * Sushi Rice AMAZING! *.
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( Next episode I will reveal you how I prepare it).

Japanese Knife:.
Butchering Knife:.
Butchers Twine:.
Barbecuing Tongs:.
Steak Colling Rack:.
Black Knife:.

* Sterling Silver Premium Meats by Grand Western Steaks.
Their Site:.
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* For Individual Touch Speak With Rep. Emilio (305 )310-0559.
F.Y.I. They have picanha, TELL HIM GUGA SENT YOU!

* Finest Weber Device (Slow n Sear).

* My Wireless Smart Thermometer.

* My Knives *.
Everyday Knives:.
Chef Knives:.
Strong Knives:.
Fancy Knives:.

* FOGO Premium Swelling Charcoal – The First Component.
Fogo Charcoal:.

Cast Iron Plates:.
My Salt:.
Mini Mill:.
Steak Cast Iron Plates:.
Tongs Tweezers:.
Burger Mold:.
Tongs Tweezers:.
Grade Gloves:.

* barbeque Equipment *.
My Range:.
Fire Starter:.
Smoke Gun:.
Smoke Dome:.
Cigarette :.
Wood Pellets:.
Weber :.
Red Grill:.
Slow N Sear:.
Heat Resistant Glove:.
Otto Grill:.

* Sous Vide Equipment *.
Joule Sous Vide Circulator:.
Anova Precision Cooker WiFi:.
Sous Vide Container:.
Sous Vide Container Cover:.
Cheap Suction Sealant:.
Suction Bags:.
Bag Holder:.
Mini Weight:.
Grate Within Container: (mine is 10×15).
Steak Rack System: (Pick the ideal size for you).

* The link listed below has EVERYTHING I USE *.


Main Cam:.
Second Video camera:.
Slow Movement Electronic Camera:.
Pocket Drone:.
Main Lens:.
Zoom Lens:.
Big Travel Camera:.
Tripod & Fluid Head:.
Voice Over Mic:.
Acoustic Isolation:.

* If you have any concerns please leave a remark below and I will respond. Thank you a lot for enjoying see you on the next video!:–RRB-.

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Absolutely the King of steaks! I’m salivating over here just looking at it! Looking forward to the “Cowgirl steaks”

    1. Is it weird that I want to watch Rus Jones, Dave Parrish, Guga, Ninja, Angel, and Maumau cook, and then sit and eat? Is that like… beef voyeurism or something?

    2. @KRYPTIA 1980 Rib eye cap is as tender as tenderloin and has plenty of intermuscular fat that adds and amazing flavor on the steak . Its my favorite

    3. Ok just bought my 1st whole ribeye. I am leaning towards cutting off the cap. Should I?

  2. 6 months ago , you made me start cooking. joke
    last night i did an 8hr baby back rib cook and had them for breakfast. you inspire me to cook!

    1. Ribs for breakfast, ? U Sure must be hungry, like eating pizza at 8am. That heavy meal will send u back to bed and next meal be dinner only.

    2. Many people are learning to cook due to be shut in during this COVID-19 crisis. I’ve always cooked so it is nothing new for me, but I love the fact that people are finally realizing that cooking is not as hard as they thought AND its way cheaper than going out!

  3. You two guys are great. Angel is the typical young guy, impatient and always hungry. But he is smart and articulate. You are the wise guiding teacher. I couldn’t design a better pair to do the taste testing than you two. I appreciate what you do, great channel.

  4. Thanks for cooking with a more affordable grade. It’s fun to see Wagyu, Prime, etc., but it’s great to see the results of grades most people will actually buy.

  5. Rib Eye has always been my favorite steak and the cap is my favorite part but I never though of separating them! I will try this.
    P.S. You two are GREAT together 😉 Yous always make me feel happy when I watch. Your happiness is contagious. Thanks.

  6. Love watching your videos so much ! Learn so much cooking methods and many more things as well ! I like watching a video , and then getting into the kitchen to try and cook like you 👍🏽

  7. I love how you guys seem so genuine. It’s such a joy to watch your videos.

  8. I’ve wondered how these were made. I’ll be making my own from now on. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  9. Hey Guga another great video thank you!
    Question: when you first cook the steaks to 135f, how long you let it rest before sear ?

  10. Guga, you and Angel are the KINGS of steak! I love watching your videos over and over while I’m cooking steaks for my friends. Amazing presentation, music, description and your enthusiasm is an inspiration.

  11. Blackened to perfection on the reverse sear, nicely executed, on some of the other videos you do a fantastic job cooking the steaks, but your reverse sear was lacking a bit. You really hit perfection with this one.

  12. Who else is sitting there eating a bowl of 2 minute noodles watching this legend cook

    1. noodles, mushrooms, olive oil. Man what I would do for some instant noodles…

    2. I like to watch him when I am eating my bowl of my sisters junk by that when she is yelling at me

    3. Bowl I wish I have my noodles in a coffee mug, I hate being poor 🙁

  13. I feel in love with this Cap steak and had the flat type which was fantastic but would love to purchase the rolled version as show on his you tube video. I cooked the 7 oz flat only 2.5 mins on each size and like I said it was fantastic the best I’ve ever eaten

  14. I’m a steak guy myself, seeing the process and the quality of your work. U rock!

  15. I’ve got to say that I absolutely love is channel so much more Bro! It’s homely, fun, warm and more interactive and intimate! Please keep them coming!

  16. Man, Angel has it made. He doesn’t have to buy it, he doesn’t have to cook it. He only gets to eat it.

    1. I feel that Angel gets a disadvantage that he doesn’t get to cook the steaks because you need to feel that experience

    2. @Spencer7445 _ I dont think he does and I think he just passes by to eat some good food and no one would disagree to free good right right?

  17. Never in a million years thought of doing it this way, I’m on it – you rack me up. Thank you very much!!!

  18. I went to Costco and purchased five prime Ribeye caps for the first time after years of seeing it but never trying back in February. I did a reverse sear and it was, indeed, the King of steaks. (Just purchased another 4 prime caps from Costco and will be doing them tomorrow!)

    1. @Jackd4178 Smoke it on my Traeger (@250 degrees) until the internal temperature reaches 115 degrees, then take them off let them rest while the Traeger is turned up to 450 degrees. Place the rib eyes back on the grill and sear until the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees (medium rare). Let rest at least 15 minutes. Enjoy!

    2. @Jeanette Armstrong its def not like wagyu steaks but the price fluctuates a lot. I work for my local Costco’s meat department. They get as low as 18.99 a pound. Meat in general has been rising recently im guessing bc its summer but now its 20. something. I cant recall of the top of my head. But the caps are prime i bought then for my dad for fathers day. Personally if you want steak choice ribeyes are the way to go because some of them are actually premium steaks which guga explained in a different video. Overall the best meats worth your money from costco are any chicken, prime brisket, short rib plate, lamb leg or rack, ribs(baby back or spare), boneless pork loin, pork chops, catfish, and walleye. Unfortunately short rib, amd lamb arent always available. Theyre tough to get especially when its not near a holiday.

    3. @Jeanette Armstrong and a5 wagyu ribeye is about $80 a pound so big difference there

  19. I thought I knew something about meat but my knowledge was quite limited. After watching your videos I feel like I know a little more, no, a lot more.
    I started by lowering the temperature in my refrigerator to leave the meat overnight.
    Among other things, your videos are very fun and educational. Thanks.

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