How to grill Country Style BBQ Ribs | Recipe

Here at the Pit, we call them "Jacks " however normally they are known as Nation . They are simple to grill and an excellent dish to have on hand if you require a fast and simple meal hot off the BBQ grill. Although many 'Rib-men' describe this cut of meat more as a "slice" than a "rib", the market chooses to call them Ribs. So Ribs they are!
↓ ↓ Print 'Nation Design BBQ Ribs' dish here ↓ ↓.

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How to grill Country BBQ Ribs | Recipe

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  1. As we mention in the vid, we encourage you to use your own favorite BBQ sauce for this recipe. Actually, many grill and pit masters use the “original” brand Barbecue sauce as the basis for their own sauce, and then add spices and flavors to make it their own. It saves a lot of time brewin’ up a sauce from scratch. We like to add apple cider vinegar, garlic, and onion, ETC to ours, which works well in a pinch. Thanks for stoppin’ by! -BBQ Pit Boys

  2. -the only thing you’re missing is to finish off the ribs by grilling a minute or two on the BBQ. Take a crate load of these pre-cooked ribs to the game or picnic, heat up on the grill and serve. Thanks for stoppin’ by! -BBQ Pit Boys

  3. I’m cooking some of these on the grill right now for the first time. Thanks for the video!

  4. I tried doing this recipe last week and it worked an absolute treat! As we were using a disposable BBQ I put the ribs in the oven for an hour or so and finished them on the BBQ, also used the leftover sauce to baste some steaks with, I love my steak well done but i managed to get the balance of well done and succulent and juicy that I have never had before on a BBQ, many thanks pit boys!

  5. Hey Durnerz, your oven method, or the stove top method, for simmering these chops before finishing over the fire saves time on the grill for sure.. Now your idea about pouring this bbq sauce over some steaks is makin’ us real hungry! -BBQ Pit Boys

  6. I love these pit boys BBQ videos. I’m going to try these on Friday night. I’ll post a review afterwards. They look mighty delicious!! Thanks for the videos!

  7. hey k8ai, generally ya want to keep the bottom vents full open, and use the top vents to control the temp. If you fully close the top vent you will extinguish the fire. The more air you allow in, the higher the temps ya get. Also, the amount of charcoal you use will also determine how hot the grill will get! Place an oven thermometer inside to monitor your desired temperature! -BBQ Pit Boys

  8. Awesome Ribs! My family loves these country style ribs! Thanks for the video, my kids, wife, and nephew are always asking me to make these ribs!

    I cook them first in beer then later add the BBQ sauce. Took me awhile to get it perfect! Thanks BBQ Pit Boys!

  9. I used this exact recipe and it turned out AWESOME!!!! Very easy to make… I used Bullseye bbq sauce (sweet and tangy) and some miller high life. Thank BBQ Pit Boys..

  10. I have cooked these several times and they come out fantastic!!! Thanks BBQ pitboys!!!!!

  11. Thank you guys for so many great videos! I learn something every episode!
    Everytime you say “Now, this is optional”, I say “Hell Yeah, put it in there”. Perfect!
    We enjoy every presentation you guys do. I know regular folks. Lots of years of knowledge are wrapped up in every episode. I hope you guys are making a damn killing doing what you love! There are thousands of people that just view your videos, and never comment, but they only wish that they were your next door neighboors……….

  12. I tried these out tonight and they came out awesome. Great recipe and technique for making some amazing ribs. Thanks!

  13. I tried this…came out great. I’ve yet to try the other recipes.
    Keep those videos coming.

  14. Another great recipe from you guys. Just did these today and are so good. Will be doing these a few more times this summer.

  15. As a slight variation I dry rub (not too much) the rib pieces for 3-4 hours in the refrig, then follow this recipe and cook exactly. I once used this recipe to feed 24 ppl on two grills with 2 pans per grill. That much meat you add a good 60-90 min more cook time uncovered in the pans with some smoke. It was a hit! Thank you BBQ Pit Boys!!!

  16. I’ve tried ur COUNTRY STYLE RIBS recipe b4…Actually I’ve cooked it numerous of times on my grill
    My family loved it… It was GUUUD

  17. Mmmm my favorite ribs… Hearty Country style!!! Look so delicious and thank you for sharing!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤I sure hope mine turn out nearly as good as yours!I can’t wait to try it out.

  18. This is the first video I watched of BBQ pit boys over 12 years ago, it got me hooked on them. I’m still no pit master, but I love trying their recipes!

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