How to grill Bacon Burger Bombs | Recipe

The Pit Young boys show you make their Hamburger Bombs, the perfect snacking for your Chapter meetings, tailgating and household picnics. Kick up your pit party next time with these fresh ground chuck beef meatballs, packed with peppers and wrapped in bacon.
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grill Bacon Burger Bombs | Recipe

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  1. Awesome finger food. I sure am glad to be a subscriber as well as a student of you guys and others. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 8-9 years ago, I discovered your channel. My papa was in his way out and BBQ was the only thing he had left. He had the first BBQ in the neighborhood. I started watching you guys so I could get up to speed and learn. You’re channel has been a learning experience as well as remembrance to my times with my grandfather. Thank you!

  3. I seriously have to try this one! I have taken fresh large shrimp, marinated  in buffalo wing sauce and wrapped them with hickory smoked peppered bacon and grilled them, and oh my those are good!

  4. I’m making these today for my Memorial day cookout. thanks for cranking out all these awesome vids. Happy Memorial day BBQ pit boys 🍻

  5. I made them on my pit boss 820D
    My family and I love them
    Thank you so much!!!

  6. Great recipe! I just found about this channel. These guys are awesome! All great comfort food!

  7. BBQ pit boys have some of the best recipes i ever seen.
    Hats off to this team💪💪😃

  8. Loved it! Very creative, maybe I can do a vegan one wrapped in tofu sheets and the inside is meat with chilli pepper and ground mushrooms. The all meat one looks very appetizing and creative like little apples (the artistic food design caught my attention) Good job gentlemen !!!

  9. Those look so delicious… I will definitely be trying this one out. As I don’t own a Barbeque, I will have to use my kitchen oven.

  10. This looks so good, as I sit here watching this worrying about the meat shortage! 🤤🥺😵!

  11. I like how meals have the words bacon and bomb In them. Great ideas, original creative and keeping my blood pressure just where I like it.

  12. My Son and I have just started the Carnivore Diet and I am making these tonight so we have something to snack on throughout the week. Thank you SOOOOO much!!! ♥ (Edited to add… since we can’t have the peppers, we’re substituting with Mozzarella cheese chunks in the middle.) MM Good!

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