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  1. You’ve just saved me and my imaginary kitchen staff live’s thanks for the tutorial.

    1. Omg…you run a food business and didnt know that?? Lemon is great it disolves fat and also a natural disinfectant. Also try vinegar and soda to silver or round the toilet…

  2. Do I have a flattop grill?

    Will I encounter cleaning a fltop grill?

    do I see myself cleaning a flattop grill in the future?

    Did I watch the whole video?

    1. Congratulations, like most of us you have successfully waster 3 mins and 29 secs

    2. I liked this comment last year thinking I wont and here I am again because I need it

  3. This is the only way tutorials should be filmed. No unnecessary advertising, no hour long intro, just showing the process, explanations what to do and that’s it! Perfect, thank you for this, despite the fact I don’t own such a device.

    1. when u have a clean imbiss not in 100 years get so dirty disgusting people and imbiss

    1. @John Smith I believe cooking oil, my bro n law is a chef said to do this before I watched this video! Hope that helps you!

  4. I want to try this. For the people mentioning the Scotch brite kit, that liquid turns to liquid plastic lava on the grill, one splash and it burns to the bone. This looks like it stays a little more liquid and wouldn’t burn as bad.

  5. Did this with bleach and ammonia, my boss liked the smell so much that he’s been sleeping for 3 days now

    1. @Faysal Darr absolutely. If you would happen to do this outside, it will dissolve concrete.

  6. We started using cordless drills with green pads 10+ years ago, puts a nice polish on the grill too.

  7. When I worked as a cook we just used oil and these black bricks that you scrubbed the grill with. It was a pain but took a lot less time than this seems to. Also way less waste after

    1. @Vaun vinegar is not a chemical 😂 also if the grill isn’t properly cleaned you can easily give people food poisoning. Glad you’re not a cook anywhere I eat at

    2. @Natalia Silva the active ingredient in degreaser is sodium carbonate, which is also known as “Soap Ash”. Basically just a product of regular old dish detergent.

      I don’t know why people are so funny about what is used to clean flat tops, which sit at a temperature of about 300 degrees Fahrenheit all day burning off any chemical residue. No one worries about the bleach plates often soak in that aren’t even warmed up.

    3. When I worked at a commissary we did also the technique showed in the video without the lemon juice. Months later I found out that using a degreaser, griddle stone and water is much faster plus no more heating which hurt your hands and no more inhaling of smokes.

    1. Do they let you do this at chipotle? I’m thinking on moving to grill and I was wondering if there were easier ways to clean it.

  8. Every place I’ve worked that had a flat top had a cleaning brick. This makes it come out shining like a damn mirror but it takes way too long. Just a thin layer of oil and a brick will get this clean in just a couple minutes and with less cleanup. Looks amazing though.

  9. Used to love cleaning grills like this when I worked in kitchens, so satisfying!

  10. I have learned how to clean windows using the “S” method, now I learn how to clean my imaginary flat top.

  11. Back in high school I worked at restaurant cooking on one of these. We had the bricks that sounded horrible and took forever. I found out by turning heat on high, then got bucket of ice . Just dump ice on grill. Wait a couple minutes, then scrape off. Very easy. No chemicals. Just goes to show, there are many ways to do something.

  12. I can do the same thing with some canola oil, salt and a scouring pad. No chemicals or messy clean up. Also won’t totally strip the grill so that food ends up sticking for half the shift

  13. One of my favorite things when I worked at Wendy’s years ago. They were the only restaurant in the area using a flat top. Cleaning that thing at the end of the night was unbelievably satisfying

    1. @Jess 4You honestly, it did a little. When you get a nice shine. Oof, time for a bathroom break

  14. I was a cook for over 40 years and I would never pour or spray anything on a grill that hot. I have seen a grill warp because water was constantly put on it at high temps. I cleaned all my grills at 250° F with a liquid grill cleaner/water and a steel sponge and they were spotless. Good video, I just think their grill was too hot.

  15. This is good, but I think that using a neutral oil with a higher smoke point may be a better choice at the end.
    Vegetable/canola oil instead of olive oil.

  16. I’ve cleaned flat tops thousands of times. Great job, my old chef would approve!

    1. @Peter Ramjit check the description for exactly but it’s a food safe griddle cleaner.

  17. Thanks so much for the video! I will clean my small electric grill I use at home just like you did

  18. Excellent video brings me back old memories when I was 19 yrs old cleaning the grill as a Detail Worker at the hospital kitchen. 🔥🤟🏻I Use to use degreaser and the black Brick and scrub

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