How to grill Bacon Bomb | Recipe

Pork addicts, rejoice! This delicious "Low and Slow" Pork Stuffed and wrapped Loaf, some refer to as the Bacon , is not just outrageous, but it's real easy to do, as revealed by among the BBQ Pit Boys!

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How to Bacon Bomb | Recipe

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Oh man – I´m doing this recipe at the moment (only 2 hours left) and it smells sooooo good in our whole street 🙂
    It war very difficult to roll it but now it is on the grill and everything is fine….. Getting already hungry!
    I believe I made a little bit too much but the neighbors were aleady looking so I think they get a slice 😉
    Big thanks for this recipe!!

  2. Man this channel is awesome. You guys make me feel right at home! Thanks for the awesome videos and keep it up!

  3. The more I watch your presentations, I realize what a Culinary Artist you are with true perfection in your Craft! I appreciate this from one Artist to another!

  4. the only thing I hate about these videos is that I get hungry as hell after watching them. the food you guys make looks fucking awesome. keep up the good work.

    1. I always get hungry watching these and then I get inspired to make a huge mess and smelling of smoke

    2. the only thing i hate about these videos is that i get hungry as hell before i watch them

  5. you guys are awesome! I been watching y’all for a few years now. Your recipes just keep satisfying. Thanks for all your good ideas. your videos are both fun and instructional.

  6. Thank you for improving my bbq skills, my friends and family will say im the best on the grill (haha) they don’t know about my secret weapon so again thanks, keep ’em coming I love you guys

  7. I want this guy to narrate when I grill and go steelhead fishing! Just a solid dude with a great voice! I can hear him saying Billy just hooked up again and the steaks are almost ready….. Lol Thanks for the fresh ideas, I enjoy watching you cook!

  8. Down at OBX and used everything you teach. Had the best ribs I ever cooked and everybody loved them. Thanks

  9. Definitely going to do this one on the Towboat for the guys!! That looks fantastic!! ❤️😁❤️😁

  10. When food channels were actually about food. 11 years still fresh.

  11. I am currently making this right now! Cannot wait for it to be done 🤤🤤🤤

  12. Ive been doing bacon wrap loafs for 10 yrs! They are absolutely wonderful!!

  13. I made this as soon as the video was released. I made a 7 lb roast. Took a bit longer to cook than 4 hrs. Came out perfect.

  14. Absolutely love this channel. Can’t believe I’ve never came across this recipe till now. But better late then never. Thank you bbq pitboys

  15. Seriously mate! That looks absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to give it a go 😊🤤👍

  16. Made this for my family today. Loved it! Smoked it low and slow for 3 hours, then increased heat for the last 2 hours to crisp the bacon. It was perfect.

  17. Looks fantastic! I’m definitely going to give this a whirl this summer.

  18. Got that right. I was BBqing one time and my beer froze in 10 minutes while I was flipping the burgers. There is no set temp. Keep up the great work

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