Grill Fried Bologna Burger | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Mother's Bologna sandwich gets busted with this grilled and fried bologna hamburger by the BBQ Pit Kids. Some call this a sliced up tube steak … some call it a bunch of bologna. Inspect this dish out on how easy it is to do.
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Grill Fried Bologna Burger | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Where’s the fried green tomatoes with that?? And fresh cut red hot cayenne peppers on the grill !. I ❤ your show and you men are pretty damn cool . Keep up the awesome grilling. God Bless .

  2. Бутерброд с колбаской на костре то-же вариант )

  3. Good to see ya again Mr. Fame, seems like it’s been a coons age since we have last seen you in action 🎬
    Merry Christmas
    & Happy New Year to the B.P.B.’s
    & to all the cool kids who watch this channel!

  4. Greetings from Mexico, you guys bring happiness to my belly

    1. He says right in there serve em up the way you want! And onions and cheese sound guuuud!!!

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