Tomatoes | Jamie at Home | Part 3

Heading back to in your home so relax and enjoy this total masterclass in .

in your home initially aired on Channel 4. If you're UK based stream programs on All 4

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| Jamie at Home | Part 3

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  1. Do you still have your book with the pictures and notes you made? I remember this video from a few years back.

  2. I always enjoyed watching Jamie at home series. Its so wholesome and his cookbook is so fun and intresting….not forgetting his sassy attitude 😆

  3. If you truly respect and understand food, nutrient, products, and so on, you don’t put stuff like vodka in the food. If you respect nature and what it gives …there is no bs like this, sorry 🙂 You should be celebrity in a different area maybe 😉

  4. this series is so chill.. and the gardener is one of the most relaxed people I’ve ever seen.. “now you tell me?… I’m an alcoholic” =))

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