Jamie’s Mega Meal Prep | Jamie Oliver

Conserve time, cash, and energy, and produce ten meals in under an hour! With some clever meal-prep principles reveals us pull together a week's worth of meals in no time – you'll be thanking yourself later on in the week after offering this a go.

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's Mega Meal Prep | Oliver

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  1. I’d absolutely love a weekly behind-the-scenes, vlog-style video that follows Jamie around all week and shows what he gets up to in all food-related matters.

  2. I’m so glad you’ve now done some gluten free dishes. Iv been waiting for these as I’m gluten free and dairy free.😊

    1. Hi Angela: I noticed he used the pasta water to hydrate the rice noodles. If you’re super sensitive to gluten that’s not ok. Would be ok to use the water before the wheat pasta goes in.

  3. What I love with Jamie’s no nonsense cooking !!!!!! Anybody could do this. 👍😎🐕‍🦺

  4. Amazing! Just what we all need, you make the best recipes and videos. More please 🙂

  5. Great ideas Jamie! Love the way you made good use of an hour! Can’t wait some of these dishes in my meal prep!

  6. This man Jamie is marking the ideas. This video was one of the easiest watch’s of out of his bunch of his dimes. 🤩🤩 Jamie can you do ‘Week Meal Prep, Pt 2’ please?

  7. In Jamie Oliver we trust! Simple
    Ingredients and delicious. I love it

  8. What I love the most is how confortable he looks while cooking, enjoying every moment.

  9. There’s something about watching this man cook that makes me feel so giddy. More meal prep videos please! 😊

  10. OMG! Look at that! OMG! Thank you so much for this beautiful prep meal set! I was actually thinking how to reduce the time spent in the kitchen to cook some different kind of meals for the week for me and my hubby:). And now this looks so incredible, yummy and healthy! Please, do more prep meals for us!

  11. This looks so doable and – more importantly – I would love to eat all of those meals!

  12. I am such a huge fan Your food is always so delicious!

  13. I have a batch of those little cups! They are perfect for my meal prep. I I use them for salad dressings, hummus, mustard, salad toppers, or to keep nuts crunchy before I put them on salad. Depends on what I’m having, but they sure do come in handy for lunches on the go.

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