The Easiest Way to Mince Garlic | Food Network

In this case, shop purchased is not fine!!
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The Easiest Way to Mince Garlic|Food Network

The Easiest Way to Mince Garlic | Food Network

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  1. Sometimes I peel garlic but keep its root and cut slices into the clove keeping it intact. Garlic infuses into the food without one having to eat the bits.

  2. Cool I like that mincer tool. I am clumsy so I’d need that tool. I’d be to afraid of cutting myself trying to smash garlic with a knife 🔪 when I am cooking so I’d need that tool. I will look for it next time I am at the store. Most of the time I just buy allready cut up garlic because regular garlic is to time consuming for me to do by hand.

  3. Chopped garlic is absolutely disgusting and I never buy it. The truth is, they add citric acid to preserve the garlic. Which in turn, makes the garlic bitter and sour when you cook it. It ruins like your entire dish, so use fresh garlic.

  4. I used to have a garlic press but it annoyed me one to many times by getting caught when I was closing the drawer. Besides, as Alton Brown says, it’s a unitasker. A knife works fine for me. Pre-chopped garlic- yuk!!! Come on! It doesn’t take that much effort to chop fresh garlic! The more you do it, the easier it will be for you to do and you’ll be much happier with the flavor.

  5. When I get it that way it seems dry when you get it prepared it has a little more juice and flavor

  6. I agree, garlic is very simple & easy to prepare. It doesn’t take any time at all!! Chef Michael Simon is awesome 👏

  7. The people that are buying pre-processed garlic in any form don’t concern themselves with the difference in taste

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