Poached rhubarb 3 ways | Jamie Oliver

When it's that time of year and rhubarb is in season you definitely need to make the most of it. This fast little technique will provide you 3 remarkable methods to enjoy simple poached rhubarb, from dressings to compotes and mixed drinks – there is so much you can do with it. Let me know in the remarks how you've used yours!

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Poached rhubarb 3 ways |

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  1. Rhubarb is a great vegetable to grow as it pretty much looks after itself and doesn’t need to be resown annualy. It will just die off and lie dormant until the time comes to schoot through the ground with bright red stalks. Rhubarb can be used in so many more ways than just stewed or poached. Add it to your favourite crumble recipe, make a tart, jam, chutney or simply wash, slice and freeze for the year ahead. Happy hungry! Cheers, Domenico.

  2. This beautiful stalk and its tart flavor remind me of my childhood… when my mom or granny made food and used Rhubarb for its tart taste!

  3. Currently 17” of snow left to melt—will keep these recipes for early June…have a grand rest of your day..thank-you..North eastern Ontario Canada ☃️

  4. I grew up with it on my old basketball court as a kid. My mom let me pick a few rhubarb sticks. My mom would give me a small plastic bag of sugar to dip the rhubarb in. Man that taste of rhubarb was phenomenal.

  5. I harvested our first batch yesterday, so this is very timely! Anyone doubting that the west coast is the best coast now? 😉🌱 I made our spring favourite yesterday as well… Sorrel Soup! A true tonic and a sign that the garden is ready for seeding. Woohoo!

    (Just teasing, btw… I’m an England to east coast to Ontario transplant to beautiful British Columbia, and I am never looking back, except for fondly of course. East coasters are some of the loveliest, kindest, and most down to earth Canadians you can hope to meet. I have stories about emigrating to Port-Au-Basques from the UK that would have you in stitches! )

    Cheers to all from Bamfield. 💚🌄🍄🏞️ 🌳🌷🌼🐢🌧️🦐🐙🦑🦀🐋 Happy kitchen adventuring!

  6. Teaspoon of ginger…. Continues to add a tablespoon of ginger 🤦‍♂️

  7. In BC Canada a local craft beer place makes a rhubarb beer. Delicious!

  8. Thank you for showing me the rhubarb recipe for a few different ways of enjoying it. No one is covered other uses of rhubarb in any of the shows I watch on YouTube. I thought I heard somewhere but they grow a lot of the rhubarb in England or the UK. And they grow it in underground no light like mushrooms.

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