Perfect Summer Family Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are a couple of that you can prepare with the assists of friends and family.

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Perfect Summer Family | Gordon

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  1. Yummy la salade niçoise m’a donné vraiment envie. Merci pour le partage de toutes ces délicieuses recettes chef Ramsay. Vous êtes le meilleur 🔥👍

  2. This was the best video in a while. More videos with Tilly cooking she’s so cute 💚

  3. Gordon Ramsay is the most photogenic celebrity on the planet; you know it’s coming from within. I think, it’s that absolute love for his children and family (and cooking-passion), that got Gordon able to know how to control his inner-anger, and focus the inner talents within. When the love is so strong, there’s no violence anymore – no chaos. Of course, when you have strangers about, who don’t know what they do – don’t care, are selfish, or incompetent…and there’s no care for them on Gordon’s part – it’s Gordon Ramsay on a rampage! – the human universe makes sense in this way. Albeit we don’t know why it strays from such simple concepts, and devolves into things like tyranny, dishonestly, you-name-it. maybe, we call the latter concepts human-stupidity, or lack of mindfulness…

  4. You can see how much he loves his children, the way he was teaching Tilly how to chop with a knife was so sweet.

  5. Glad wrap trick…‘you’ll get it when you’re my age…oh I forgot you were! ‘ So adorable,🤗 like her dad! She even quotes him! 💕

  6. Gordon, you should teach us like we’re 10 too. I’ve learned more in this video than the rest. xD

  7. I would love to hear Gordon do an episode in French with subtitles. Oui Oui

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