Munchies Guide to Las Vegas: Off The Strip

Steve Chu, and co-owner of Ekiben in Baltimore, MD traveled with to explore all things Strip-adjacent and lesser understood, where he experiences the more "regional" side of Las Vegas and home entertainment. He discovered an alien-themed whorehouse, genuine Italian right near the airport, and a tiki bar concealed in the heart of Vegas' Chinatown.

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. I’m from Vegas & lemmie tell you they are totally hitting the nail on the head! Not only are these great spots they visited but they area’s choosen are packed w/ the secret jems Las Vegas offers. In fact, the best shoe store 🏬 🏬 filled with ONLY amazing rare and above exceptional kicks is in China Town LV. What I mean , is that go to any of these; three (or four) areas showcased here and just check out what’s around. You’ll find many many more gems, & all without having to Venture to the STRiP.

  2. Blue martini (next to milano) is awesome and that whole little shopping area is awesome too. This video is significantly more appreciable than the last one. Fully agree with the journalist, Vegas is so much more and better than the strip.

  3. Vice trying to recruit Andrew so hard…they can’t touch what he does with channel 5.

  4. Damn, this is OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you #Munchies and Chef #SteveChu
    More, more, more! Even Anthony Bourdain couldn’t do Vegas as well as Chef Chu & the Munchies team! Thank you #Vice for always supporting the best of everything new.

  5. I am heading to Vegas in a couple of days. I need to check out their China Town. Heard there is also a Hawaiian restaurant around there that is great. Great video btw.

    1. I’m glad he got a chance to be the guest and say his stuff. Not doing that is critical to his own show and keeping those separate is how the magic happens.

  6. Being originally from Lakewood, CA Andrew is right. I relocated to Vegas 8 years ago and live 5 minutes from the first two spots. I have to try it now. Crazy how much this whole guide spoke we and my origins.

  7. As a local, kinda disappointing most of these places are literally 5 mins “off the strip” lol. Town Square is literally on the strip! Would have loved to see more joints like Taco y Taco, Tacos El Gordo, Settebello Pizza, Magic Noodle, Lotus of Siam, Monta Ramen etc.

  8. I work on the strip. Occasionally after work, my coworkers and I will head out to China town for food n drink. Some of the best spots in the city reside over there!

  9. “There’s a place in the middle of the desert where you can come and lose everything you have ever worked for in 45 minutes”

  10. Andrew goes from getting kicked out of the VICE office in NY, to being the highlight of their videos. It’s why I clicked. Man is legend.

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