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Sweet and salted peanut breakable with the ideal sweet crunch is a terrific present for the holidays. This peanut breakable is simple to make and wows everyone, whenever. For finest results, have all components for the rationed and all set to go as this approach needs you to react quickly.

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00:00 Intro
00:22 How To Make Syrup
2:20 How To Spread The Mixture Out
2:36 How To Split The Brittle
3:22 How To Serve
3:36 Result

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Mom's Finest Peanut Breakable|Get Cookin'|

Mom's | Get Cookin' |

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  1. I make this all the time, my tip too everyone. Make sure you use the appropriate amount of corn syrup. The more the corn syrup the harder it’s going to be to eat however softer the corn syrup the more pliable it will be. I use one cup of sugar, and a half a cup of corn syrup. Happy Holidays to ALL.

  2. My mom was peanut briddle and Devaney candy every that’s why she always had a new mixer on her Christmas list

  3. Looks so delicious and easy. Thank you! Attn Post Production: Lose the music!👎 👎👎 (Nicole’s superb presentation needs no music.)

  4. Raw peanuts are a must. You do not get such amazing flavor when you do not start with raw peanuts.

  5. Wow 😲
    You made it look easy pretty young lady .Thank you for sharing 👌
    Happy Holidays 🎄⛄

  6. Good Morning, Nicole . Thanks for sharing all your tips . For making peanut brittle candy . I love peanut brittle candy🥜🥜😋🥜🥜😋🥜🥜😋

  7. Missing my grandfather’s peanut brittles! I ought to try your recipe. Thx!

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