How To Make Churros With Caramel Sauce

Fany Gerson of and Fan Doughnuts shows her dish for . Mexican cinnamon takes center stage, and Fany ups the video game by serving these with a caramel sauce instead of the more typical chocolate sauce. She likewise shows how to turn this currently excellent into an , giving you two desserts in one.

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How To Make With Caramel Sauce

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Bring more Fanny please, she is a joy to watch. What brand of ice cream is this?

    1. It’s sad that i NO Mexicans at the Top… I review weed products on my YouTube channel.. tryna make it out the hood, maybe i can change it.

  2. The way Fany showed and told! I’m a baker by hobby and the one thing I find frustrating in reading recipes is how they don’t show and tell consistencies. The way she explained the entire process seriously makes it easier for anyone to duplicate this at home. First time noticing Fany on the channel, more please!

  3. The churro ice cream sandwich looks so good I’ve only seen and had the standard churro with chocolate sauce.

  4. I’ve had two or three beers. I read the title and thought it said ‘How to make churros with camel sauce.’ 🐪

    1. Wow and that’s totally irrelevant since food is worldwide! Lets not do the nationality discussion thing guys. Just enjoy the cool recipe.

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