How to Make Chimichurri | Easy Chimichurri Sauce | Get Cookin’ |

is one of the simplest sauces to make in the house. Including the tidy, earthy flavors of parsley and a spicy kick from the jalepeño pepper, this recipe is filled with brilliant, fresh flavors that perfectly complement the smokiness of grilled meats and vegetables. To make this sauce, all you need to do is integrate the components in a food mill and mix till you reach the desired consistency– that's it. Stretch out those summer herbs and level up your barbecuing video game with this stealthily simple chimichurri sauce!

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Preparation Parsley
0:39 Add Components to Food Mill
1:11 Blend Ingredients
1:33 Serving Suggestions
1:39 Trial run

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Make Chimichurri|Easy Chimichurri Sauce|Get Cookin'|

Make Chimichurri | Easy Chimichurri Sauce | Get Cookin' |

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  4. It’s missing other ingredients and it takes lots of garlic with lots of Olive Oil.

  5. Thanks for sharing . Delicious looking sauce . Have a wonderful weekend .

  6. Your channel is one of my favourites. I discovered it when I was researching which food processor to buy and came across your video on ways to use one. That was it. I purchased my food processor and subscribed to your channel. I love it and love your quick and easy recipes. It’s encouraged me to enjoy cooking again. Can’t wait to try your baklava recipe!

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