How to Cook Perfect Roast Beef | Jamie Oliver

Jamie enjoys Beef, and we hope you do too! Here he gives us all the ideas and tricks to make sure you get your beef area on each time, no matter what cut you're using. This guide to prepping, scorching, roasting and resting your meat will indicate your beef is the best ever, best to go with potatoes, yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings. For whatever else you need, head to Take pleasure in!

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How to Cook Perfect Roast Beef | Jamie

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Literally the most perfect roast I’ve ever seen in my life. And then he goes and adds the most perfect roasted potatoes. Jamie I’ve always loved your cooking but this just took it to a whole new level. Well done!

  2. I’ve made this twice now… It’s absolutely awesome! My wife loves this so much!

  3. Thank you for explaining why you need to rest the roast for 30 minutes after cooking. You make everything so crystal clear.

  4. Love love loveeeeee this recipe! Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge and for making us better home cooks.

  5. Also you guys should try this with honey-mustard glazing! 1 tsp honey, 2 tsp mustard and 1/2 tsp garlic powder, spread it on the roast after searing before putting it in the oven, it’s amazing!

    1. Not only is he my favourite chef but I believe he’s the best in the world! Absolutely amazing character.

  6. Just made this but with the gravy I took out the rosemary and bay leaves and then liquidised it all in the pan with a hand blender and added a bit more water to thin it out. Was delicious 👍👌

  7. He really makes it simple enough for anyone to cook. the way he made the gravy was and is awesome.

  8. Omg!! You and Sumito Esteves were my favorite chef when I was a kid. I expended all my free time watching you cooking delicious food.
    Now I’m in my 20’s and married and always in the look for new recipes to cook for my family.
    What a wonderful surprise finding your channel today!

  9. Thank-you Jamie, I followed this exactly & made the “best roast ever”, according to my friends!!! Much appreciated!

  10. Just made this fantastic roast beef for my son’s birthday. Absolutely undescribable outcome!!! Amazing!!! Thank you Jamie!!!!!

  11. Yum !!!😋 thank you Jamie! You make these dishes look so simple to prepare from start to finish 😍

  12. I cooked my last roast in inch off stock and you could pull it apart and used the left over stock for gravy it was amazing my take away corner shop told me to do it lol

  13. Simple to follow with amazing results. The flavour of the beef and gravy are wonderful

  14. Making it for the second time tonight. First time, I overcooked it, put in too many veggies, and the gravy was too thick. That being said, the extra veggies were delightful when finished in a frying pan, and the gravy was delightful; using a meat thermometer to monitor temperature tonight, so I’m hoping for a good result!

    Edit: Steak was much better; checked it at the hour-fifteen mark with the meat thermometer, saw it said 140 f and was like “oh crap, it’s done!” Much better meat this time — though strangely, the gravy wasn’t as good this time, and I think it was because it was a little too thin after being strained. Work in progress, but I look forwards to round 3.

  15. Thanks Jamie, perfect recipe, I made for dinner today and it was very well appreciated by my family gravy turned out perfect. Thanks again. 🇨🇦💕

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