How To Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time

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How To Cook Perfect Every Time

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


    1. @maria fe I saw you getting r/whooshed on like 2 comments lmao , the joke is that they used way too much butter

    1. @maria fe ur on every comment saying the same stuff all of these comments a jokes

      Maria fe are u a boomer

  1. Step 1: Add butter
    Step 2: Add more butter
    Step 3: Add more more butter
    Step 4: Spice the butter with some eggs.

    1. @Defender Xavier don’t be jealous that he has 11k for saying nothing, he doesn’t get money
      don’t be toxic

    2. @Reda Bensaad no i didn’t mean it like that idiot, it’s because of the comments of this video is mostly about butter

  2. You know it’s american when the ingredients are comprised of butter and more butter

    1. on the opposite day. I know it’s american when there’s absolutely excessive amount of sugar added to everything


  4. everyone be talking about the butter but the woman’s voice is so soothing like i can’t-

    1. @lil tokofangirl that isn’t even simping he is just saying her voice is soothing lol

    2. @lil tokofangirl simping means literally doing anything to just get an attention for the girl you’re simping for

  5. “If I had children, it would be eggs.” Well that’s kind of how reproduction works so…

  6. If I ever ate those many eggs, My mom would throw me into the pan for wasting all the fridge supply.

    1. @Some Guy your family laid 13 eggs? I would be concerned if they laid one, let alone 13. Are you a chicken?

    2. @Some Guy that’s cool :), how long you have to wait to get all those eggs ?

  7. Hi, Ms. Tasty! May I say: 1. I’ve seldom enjoyed a cooking video more than this one.
    2. Your presentation style is perfect for the topic; you speak clearly and at a calm, normal pace, no drama or overly-loud exclamations, yet one can easily tell you are a person of considerable knowledge and experience, (the tip about adding a little water and covering some frying eggs is one I will try first thing tomorrow morning, I never heard that one before) 3. your very friendly, casual and personable style, talking about little aspects of each ‘style’ of eggs here, was both relaxing and reassuring, and 4. the way you so artfully serve them, on toast, over guacamole, a sprinkle of salt/pepper or a quick grating of cheese, etc. was literally making me salivate.
    Excellent vid, and I will bookmark your channel to catch more.

  8. Tried the water in the pan trick this morning. Worked great! I may have left them a bit too long, (was getting some things on the plate ready) so the yolks were a bit closer to solid than I prefer but still good, no burnt edges. Thanks!!

  9. “I have a secret ingredient for scrabble eggs and that is to add a little bit more butter.” They used more butter on 1 egg then I use when I make 2 steaks

  10. It’s so nice that awesome people like you post these types of “Howto” videos. Things like this are so important to know and honestly a lot of people just don’t know how to do so. I love everyone that post howto videos, they are all great people! Cheers!

  11. Used the fried eggs method and made a perfect great tasting fried egg on the first try! Thank you so much

  12. to stop your egg from leaving shells, crack on a flat surface. Don’t season your eggs before cooking, always right before you take them out of the pan. If you’re making scrambled eggs, hard or soft, you can salt a little before hand to help breakdown the proteins in the scramble to create a silkier, smoother curd.

  13. I saw it in The Sopranos and I haven’t stopped since, try adding a small scoop of sour cream to your scrambled eggs. It adds a perfect level of richness without having to use too much butter and getting greasy eggs. If you do this, you probably shouldn’t add milk or regular cream. Green onions and chives are also a cheap and easy way to add to complement the richness of the eggs.

  14. What a great teacher!
    Thank you for the egg cooking info 🙂
    I had no idea about the water/steam for fried eggs 👌

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