How To Cook A Ribeye Steak Like A Boss || #SoGood #Recipes

In this very first recipe video, I am sharing with you the way that I pan prepare a this valentines day!:-RRB-.

If you like as much as I do, then let me know your ideas and down below in the remarks!

#cooking # #ribeyesteaks.

How To A Like A Boss || #SoGood #

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  1. Beautiful steak,that’s just how I do mine. I always add a little Rosemary. I also cook them in a well-seasoned cast-iron Pan.

  2. Followed this video step by step and made my best steaks ever. Thanks for the tips my man!

  3. Thanks brother, can’t wait to give this a try… simple,but sounds so tasty!

  4. I just made this today and I absolutely loved it! You were right with the oil allowing the steak to have a nice chard flavor to it. I know this channel is no longer a food channel, but I would love to see more cooking videos!

  5. I do my steaks pretty much this same way in my cast iron skillet, but I use a garlic herb butter instead of a whole clove. Always tasty and very tender. The char of a grilled steak is awesome, but I definitely won’t turn away a good fried steak.

  6. olive oil breaks down at a temp lower than beef fat – ergo, you burn the oil into distasteful bitterness way before you can brown the beef fat. try avocado oil, very high breadown point on more neutral in flavor than olive oil. Also, start with ghee (clarified butter) instead of whole butter, develops crust lots better. last one minute – then add whole butter for the flavor.

  7. I just used your recipe and it turned out great! I also added some rosemary and it was probably the best steak I’ve ever cooked.

  8. It looks marvelous! Did you bring it to room temp before cooking? How long did you sear it or cook it on each side? Do you like your steak rare? Medium-rare? Medium-well? Stay safe and be well – Robert

    1. Everything is half wrong. If you put oil on the steak why did you put oil in the pan? Actual experiments have shown that you should flip the steak more than once

  9. Tried this and it turned out Amazing. Even had a little left over from my cut for Steak and Eggs the next morning 😊 I used ghee instead of butter (personal preference). Thanks for sharing. 🤗

  10. Cast iron skillet. Less oil. Cracked sea salt, cracked peppercorn. Whole garlic and fresh rosemary. 🤟🏿

    1. @Roman49x yeah. I went ahead and bought a whole garlic to cook this steak. The reason I ask is because I have minced, cloves in a jar, and Coursed. I’m not even going to mention the salt and powder lol

  11. I just made this for the first time and it came out really delicious! Thank you for this video!

  12. This looks awesome! Did you give a time on each side? What is the best way to determine the doneness? I always over or under cook my steak. I’s appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

  13. I’ve been cooking my rib eye steaks like that for years. The addition of butter Mae’s the steak heavenly.

  14. I’ve seen videos about turning steaks from every 30 seconds to letting them cook on one side for as long as seven minutes and every one of them came out great, at least from what I observed. Guess everyone has their own methods or timing for flipping.

  15. Omg Thank you so much for this simple and easy delicious recipe I made it today love it love it love it can’t wait for my fiancé to have his for dinner love it love it love it🥰

  16. Just made a beautiful ribeye steak for dinner with my dad tonight following this exact method. Couldn’t recommended it more. The taste was incredible 👍

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