Hell of a way for a fish lesson | Jamie’s Great Italian Escape | Part 2/3

's experiences have set out to check him once again, as Giovanni puts him through his rates in the kitchen on a remote island. If he desired a simple ride, this was the wrong journey to come on. 's Great Escape originally aired on Channel 4. If you're UK based stream Jamie programs on All 4 www.channel4.com

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Hell of a way for a lesson | Jamie's Great Italian Escape | Part 2/3

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  2. Jamie. A man on a lot of missions. Seafood!. Why is it when you want us here in the UK to buy seafood caught here in the UK when it is cheaper to fly to Hong Kong and buy it fresh from the UK there? Maybe it’s because when the people that catch the fish and shellfish try to sell to it here in the UK they can’t. They ask too much for it then have to offload it abroad.

  3. Wow all that food looks great but please bring Giovanni back! What a guy

  4. “now I’m cooking, I hope God will help me”

    Most serious Mediterranean work ethic!

  5. Loved this Jamie, seeing the passion, fun and challenges in the kitchen. What a fun chef Giovanni is! And such a beautiful place!

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