Guy Fieri Eats Buffalo Cauliflower Wings | Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives | Food Network

Guy feels like he can entirely indulge in this tasty vegetarian option to chicken wings at The Acre in , New Mexico!
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Discover it at The Acre:
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Guy Fieri Consumes Buffalo Cauliflower Wings|, Drive-Ins and |Food Network

Guy Fieri Eats Buffalo Cauliflower Wings | , Drive-Ins and Dives | Food Network

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    1. @Angela Yates I like it a lot too. He is overjoyed with how good that vegan food was.

    2. He dedicates eating like that to his sister. He’s mentioned it several times on his show.

  1. These people look exactly like what you would expect to see in a Vegetarian Restaurant.

  2. All comes down to the texture, the sauce, and the dipping sauce for me.

    I’m not a huge cauliflower person and I love chicken, but a local brewery made some buffalo cauliflower once and the scratch Buffalo sauce and scratch ranch dip was enough for to really enjoy them.

    At the other end I’ve had some peoples crock pot cauliflower wings and it’s just like eating mushy blobs with franks red hot on them.

    1. I learned to blanch them in hot water for about ten to 15 minutes before oven roasting them at high heat. Add olive oil and desired spices, about 400 degrees is good for about 40-50 min til desired texture, and it chars them while at preserving lots of flavor and doesn’t dry them out.

  3. I was about to punch a Hippie if she said the Ranch dressing better than Hidden Valley

  4. I’ve had cauliflower wings. They’re so yummy! Nothing like chicken, but yummy nonetheless!

  5. That’s different, but I love the approach with the concept of buffalo cauliflower. That looks stunning!

  6. This is the problem with anyone that tries to do plant based food. You know what? While were at sucking back the aquafaba, why dont we add some micro greens from Okinawa, Japan? That seems to be the trend with plant based food

  7. Tell me you’re a liberal without telling me you’re liberal…….. insert placating political joke here……. that out of the way, I would love to try those…….”wings”

  8. Glad to see him come out his comfront zone.N reach out to the vegan community.awesome

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