Gruyère, Mushrooms & Eggs #Shorts

#GordonRamsay #

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Gruyère, Mushrooms & Eggs #Shorts

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    1. Who doesn’t like Gordon Ramsay? The chefs that don’t cook meat and use expired food in Hell’s Kitchen

    2. @HowToCharles / Memes but it’s Charles so you don’t like him
      Ooo you are a memer I subcribed to your channel
      I make memes too

  1. I am feeling actual pain that I can’t reach through and grab that effing deliciousness right now! Gaaaaaah! You are so divine, and so loved and appreciated! 💥💝💥🙏🏻💥💝💥🧡

  2. I feel weird about these shorts because that is not Gordon’s hand and the words were just cut from other videos

    1. YES there’s no way the” best chef in the world” needs crème fresh for everything

  3. Soooo little GRUYERE! 😱 That deserves at least 8 to 10 shavings! 😁👍 My In-Laws are from Gruyere / Fribourg, Switzerland! 👌

  4. It’s erudite art at this point with this half explanation recipe shorts

  5. I can see chef Ramsey narrate my life: Wakes up, brushes teeth, does school, cooks lunch, burns steak, watches anime, is a disappointment. Repeat

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