Gordon’s Best Moments In Vietnam | Part Three | Gordon’s Great Escape

travels around , discovering their culture and practices.

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Gordon's Best Moments In Vietnam | Part Three | Gordon's Great Escape

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  1. I’m form Vietnam and thanks you to do the Vietnam foods I’m so happy about that thanks you gordon

  2. I recall Gordon brutally berating a chef for sweating into the food being prepared and witnessed Gordon doing the same in several videos, put a friggin rag on your head when preparing the food Gordon!

  3. Idk if you put this on or a worker? But to put your self in struggle and says there still room for improvement instead of “I did my best” says a lot chef. This why I like watching it shows your always trying to go next level with out crash and burn and if you do you get back up where you left off that’s what this shows and very well done..

    1. He gets paid millions to do this. He isn’t doing it out of the kindness of his heart lmaoooooo

    2. @DeronTomlinson knowing the guy you sure about that? Like you said he makes millions he could just move on but he doesn’t..

    3. @Hawaiian_c it’s his job bruh. He doesn’t finish his job he doesn’t get paid

  4. J’ai décoré cette vidéo dans laquelle vos partagez vos meilleurs moments au Vietnam. Merci chef Ramsay vous êtes vraiment le meilleur 🔥🔥🔥👍

  5. Seeing Gordon sweat is better than seasoning. “Good Morning Vietnam!”

  6. I love 💕 how you take on almost any challenge!! Great role model for the future cooks, chefs and everyone who is lucky 🍀 to be able to watch your content. I was so impressed by Gordon’s well adjusted kids and Gordon’s mum is an ACE combined with the QUEEN OF HEARTS 🥰

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