Easy Harissa Roast Chicken Fajitas | Jamie Oliver

Harissa is a truly tasty, fairly mild North African chilli paste that does remarkable things to chicken. It's a lot fun to serve this fajita-style, therefore simple too! It doesn't get simpler than this and the pay off in flavour is big! You're gon na like it.

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Easy Harissa Roast Chicken Fajitas |

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  1. Mouth watering just watching the video. This one is on my list for dinner 👌

  2. mmmh, mmmh, thats a fantastic recipe and it is easy to make it ! Thank you Jamie Oliver, Master of cooking some never ever ending tasty food 👍💘love it !

  3. Interesting why didn’t you put aromas on the chicken several hours before putting the chicken on the oven ??

  4. Looks yummy but those are NOT tortillas (either flour or corn) – they’re too thin, more like wraps.

  5. Какой фахитос?? Джемми, это Шаурмяшка

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