4 Chicken Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are four delicious chicken that you can try! Sticky spicy chicken wings, Chicken fricassee with herby sautéed potatoes, a big Caesar salad with grilled chicken & griddled chicken with chickpeas, feta & watermelon salad.

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4 Chicken | Gordon

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  1. Sunday is my favourite YouTube day as I get so inspired by Gordon posting tasty food, so I start the new week with new tasty recipe ideas

  2. We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content ⁦⁦💐

    1. We can all agree vague White Bread comments never get stale. Yes they do.

  3. I love how Gordon is so patient and appreciates Jacks help in stead of being scary as hell

    1. He’s only angry on American TV, or with incompetent professionals who have no excuses. Strange that you’re surprised he’s not yelling at his own child in a YouTube video.

  4. Cheers Gordon, I spent all morning making up some spice mixes for my meats but needed something different for chicken wings since I’m bored of the shop bought flavors and need something new will give these a go thx bud 👍

  5. Awww. Not Gordon making my day! 😊 Love it! I usually think chicken is bland, but these must be delicious

  6. One day I’m gonna be amazing just like Gordon Ramsey. I’ve got a pastry class doing for six weeks and after that we’ve got a little competition and although there have professionals in pastry it doesn’t weigh me down even though I’m nervous most of the times but I know I’ve got passion and I wanna be in the top three so bad…..I’m gonna push all I’ve got.

  7. Marty McFly: “Did you call me, CHICKEN?”

    Gordon: “Yes and I’m going to cook you 4 ways on Sunday” 🐔👀

  8. Hello Gordon Ramsay and family love your 4 chicken recipes with sides. Wishing your beautiful wife and your Mom a Very Happy Mother’s Day 🌹🌹 from a huge fan and viewer in Toronto Ontario Canada

  9. Jack: how long you leave them in for?
    Gordon: you know what the longer the better!!

    2 days later Jack comes to check on his wings to find charcoal and bones

  10. Once again, Mr. Ramsay continues to entertain us with new and freshly baked content!

    (Also if there was a hot wings competition, I’m sure his son would love to be in it, lol)

  11. Les ailes de poulet ont l’air délicieux bravo chef Ramsay vous êtes le meilleur😍👍

  12. The children are adorable! Gordon I could watch you cook for hours and hours! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Did Tilly ever go on to become a chef following her dad? The knowledge that she has now is amazing, she’d be an incredible chef!

  14. Looks delicious yummmmy mouthwatering perfectly cooked sooo incredible make it easy niceeeeely presented surely its taste is amazing stay connected stay blessed

  15. Thank you Gordon, fantastic recipes, i’ll try one tomorrow

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