Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Cook Beans | Martha’s Cooking School

It's time to spill the … on cooking beans. is learning from the very best, as professional Cesare Casella shares all there is to understand. He's concentrating on three different cooking methods– stovetop, pressure cooker, and oven– so whether you are making bean salad, panzanella, or baked beans, you will be prepared with the right bean for the task. From the fundamentals of preparation (dried vs fresh, soaking, bean water, and even how to avoid gas) to an excellent dish, this episode will have you filling your grocery cart with sacks and cans of all the bean varieties you can find.

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00:00 Introduction
1:09 Cesare Casella
1:43 Stovetop Method
7:53 Pressure Cooker Method
10:00 Oven Approach
12:16 Seven Bean Salad
14:43 Panzanella
18:22 Martha's

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Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Prepare Beans|Martha's Cooking School

Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Cook Beans | Martha's Cooking School

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  1. I was looking for something like this. I’ve recently cut back on meat and poultry and needed some creative legume recipes. I hope their is an episode on lentils. Thanks everyone that put this together!

  2. Greetings: ( USA 🇺🇸) : fwiw: I find that it is a true joy to make a pot of beans with olive oil and herbs and for share with my friends and neighbors

  3. Thank you so much for this, I’m fairly young and never learned how to prepare dried beans. With prices going the way they are, I’m starting to purchase these for our pantry, but unsure how to properly go about making them. Thank you so much!

  4. I have to try your baked bean recipe! It looks delightfully yummy

  5. Dear Martha Stewart, I love watching your cooking tutorials. Have learnt so much from you. I have a request to make. Would love to learn some casserole dishes from you. Thanks 🙏🏾

  6. My dad always had a houseful of teenagers. He always used his old crock pot. We ate a lot of beans. He kept everyone fed and happy. I love a big pot of beans. Thank you, Martha,

  7. Marta boa tarde, eu costumo colocar de molho de um dia para outro e coloco um pouco de bicabornato para tirar aquela sensação de inchaço e gases do feijão.

  8. Eu também não cozinho ele com sal, depois de cozido faço o tempero e salgo. Aqui no Brasil temos o prato feijão com arroz e prato nacional tanto para ricos e pobres, que por sinal temos bastantes.

  9. Cranberry? Snow Cap?? Appaloosa??? etc….Who knew there were so many different varieties of beans!😳

  10. When is the “how to boil water” lesson coming? How difficult is it cook beans? Not very.

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