How to Make Martha Stewart’s Poached Salmon Steaks | Martha’s Cooking School | Martha Living

Preparing salmon in hot salted water offers you wet, healthy outcomes, and doesn't get much easier than poaching! In this video, breaks down the procedure to its simplest aspects, whether you need to make thick, hearty fish steaks or an entire salmon. She uses a court bouillon– or brief broth– a quick and simple boiling liquid seasoned with carrots, lemon, peppercorns, bay leaf, and thyme. Use this versatile dish to feed a crowd for a supper celebration, or poach the fish in advance, and utilize it piece by piece for sandwiches or as a topping for salads.

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00:00 Introduction
00:37 How to Make a Hot Water Bath
3:09 How To Poach The Salmon
4:20 Eliminating The Fish
4:46 How To Eliminate the Skin And Plate Steaks
5:33 Result
5:42 How To Poach Whole Salmon
9:48 How To Remove The Skin
11:04 How To Decorate The Salmon
12:29 Result

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How to Make Martha Stewart's Poached Salmon Steaks|Martha's Cooking School|Martha Living

How to Make Martha Stewart's Poached Salmon Steaks | Martha's Cooking School | Martha Living

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  1. Thanks Martha! I’m really trying to cut down meat consumption! I find I have more energy since!

  2. Wow amazing looks too yummy delicious perfectly done super amazing presentation stay blessed stay connected have a nice day fully support hope to see you around thank you

  3. Mmmm lovely! 🐟 When I poach salmon, I take the skin and make crispy salmon or trout skin to serve with it or just to snack on myself! 💚

  4. Martha’s presentation’s beautiful. If you can’t fit the fish in your poacher (or oven), just cut the head/tail off and place it together when serving.

    1. Hello Jenn how are you doing and how’s the weather over there? I was going through comments when I came across your post.. I would love to be a friend, would be nice if you can add me up, i hope you don’t mind?

  5. It’s look so delicious and wonderful Poach SALMON. Thank you very much Ms. Martha for sharing great way to Poach Salmon Fish. I really enjoyed watching yours cooking shows. Have a blessed day!❤❤❤.

  6. Hey Martha do you rememeber you saying no tweeting while eating to marie Carey

  7. I’m scared to ask how much an entire Alaskan king salmon would cost at a market lol, we’re talking Barefoot Contessa in the-Hamptons-level prices, i’m sure

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