Pork Belly Dogs with Pork Candy Floss| Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Sweet Floss is real, these canines are loaded with a good chunk of stomach and topped with sweet floss. Pork Stomach Dogs run out this world.
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Dogs with Pork Candy Floss| Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. thanks for showing ppl what pork floss is. we (Chinese) use this in quite few of our dishes

  2. Pork floss seems like something an American company would make and market as a “meat funsnack”.

  3. First Time i heard him talking when cooking something but that looks delicious man.

  4. Pork Floss looks like Jerky Stuff. Jerky Stuff was sold in a chew can and marketed to kids. Kind of like candy cigarettes but for chew. Jerky Stuff was delicious, don’t know if they still make it.

    1. I remember getting a few cans when I was young. Of course I didn’t know it was meant to replicate dip. It’s good. I saw it in a Family Dollar a few years ago, so they might.

  5. That guy is definitely a 100 percent legitimacy a Australian born citizen there that’s awesome for the BBQ pit boys decided to put Australia on the American BBQ pit boys thank you BBQ pit boys for putting Australia down on your BBQ pit boys list cheers from cameron in regional Victoria Australia here Blokes cheers

  6. Need to make pulled pork pancake with bacon egg and bbq sauce honey on top

  7. Blaze I like your all around general mindset .
    A pit boy from another
    Mother elsewhere .
    A man who wants to eat good
    Dammit .
    Me also same man thing .
    I want to do it right with
    Signature methodology .
    I appreciate this guy original BBQPBs .
    He wants to live and wants to eat grand .
    Life says damn straight .
    Be a man .
    All you other amatics .
    Go hide in ur marshmallow cave .
    Oh and water from a stainless steel dog bowl
    Is a must .

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