Mojo Workin’ | Live | Sessions @ the Pit

A fantastic live variation of the timeless Muddy Waters: Mojo Working, carried out by Blue House Blues and featuring Walt from Jack of Roses on harp. Another tune recorded live – Sessions @ the pit.
the band:

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Mojo Workin' | Live | Sessions @ the Pit

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  1. MOJO WORKING…is a hard work But someone has to do it (Big Fan from brazilian farming pit bbq)

  2. I would drink & eat, drink & hang out with you guys any day of the week.. & twice on Sunday!😺 Sounding good guys!!

  3. Love The Blues, Love BBQ & I Love BBQ Pit Boys Videos…… 🇺🇸🥃✌️

  4. Man, that sounded guuuud! Love that harp and that Strat tone; Muddy would b proud

  5. Oh man, Life couldn’t get any better than this. Absolutely men’s heaven. BPB4L!! 👍👍👍

  6. Lyrics were little faded but harmonica guy nailed it. So did the Turkey. Keep Rocking Keep BBQin.

  7. The Blue’s Brothers would’ve loved that song. You should have Dan Akroyd come there. Hope the turkey turns out 👍

    1. Nope. I said you ought to get Dan Akroyd to Visit. You had Jeff Goldblum visit.

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