Egg on Pizza ? | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Egg / all' uovo???, yeah eggs on pizza much like Mamma used to make right? nope, check out Pitmaster Handzee method up in Canada assembling a pizza that will leave you desiring more.
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Egg on Pizza ? | Recipe |

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Cooking a pizza on a steel “stone”, with sunny side eggs on top, and drinking the High-Life. Such an awesome looking pizza and great video. Two thumbs up! 👍👍

  2. Here we go again a great meal for a great For everybody Barbecue pit boys😎👍NC

  3. You are some mad geniuses. I’m just dying to start trying these for myself when I can. So many recipes you put out look like pure art and are so…seductive. I might have to unfortunately make modifications for me to eat your stuff without putting myself at death’s door. Sad to say my system is sensitive…anyhow, highest compliments!

  4. I’ll pass on the eggs. The rest looks interesting. I think I would have added some kind of pork or chicken. Maybe even beef strips.

  5. Magnificent looking (and sounding) pizza! Great toppings. And, sunny sides are remarkable on any kind of pizza.

  6. How dare he not apologize. 🤬
    My late night stomach should not be growling this loudly after watching this.

  7. That Was Frickin AWESOME !!! I’d Love to Know What The Temp was in The Kettle to get it That Crisp ?!!

  8. I just finished a direct heat pizza smoker, 🍕 going to share this with the customer who ordered it, recommend he try this for his first cook on it!

  9. I’ve been following your videos for a long time! And at the sight of the most delicious food, one’s saliva drools! And now that, as a Hungarian, I see that the pizza is served with Hungarian hot pepper, which is considered hungaricum, so to speak, it’s an uplifting feeling and it’s brilliant! Thank you! 😊😊😊👏👏👏😎💪💪💪

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