Bacon Cheese Sausage Roll | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

The original Bacon Cheese is a staple of the inhabitants of Australia and . Driven by their desire for pork and beef, the male makes the tough day-to-day journey to a gasoline station to purchase a as part of a thoroughly balanced protein and fat based diet plan that has passed from generation to generation.
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Bacon Cheese Sausage Roll | Recipe |

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. I hope one day I can get a pizza oven. I don’t do any baking in the summer. This looks delicious

  2. The Sausage Roll is pretty much a staple here in parts of the UK as well, along with a Pastie (pronounced “pass-tee”) 🙂. No bacon or cheese usually tho, we’ll have a good old bacon sandwich for that.

    1. I remember when some Hipster in New York claimed to have invented Sosig Rolls a couple of years back…silly sod.

  3. Damn, I shouldn’t be watching this at 3pm without breakfast or lunch..

  4. ye i don’t mind me a servo (gas station) sausage roll and or meat pie. but these look real guuud

  5. I would have put the bacon inside the roll and used a lot more of it. Otherwise looks great. cheers

  6. The end reminded me of the movie I am legend when the zombies are standing together eating the deer. Great food will do that to you lol

  7. Good Lord! If that doesn’t make you drool, nothing else will! BPB4L! 🤤🤤🤤👍👍👍

  8. Why would you put the music sooooo loud you can’t hear his awesome accent, come in guys lol

  9. Those look very delicious, kind of like homemade Hot Pockets. Honestly, it’s cheaper to make those sausage rolls than. Anyway, take care and be safe.

  10. I would have liked to see the full video of him massaging that meat. Lol.

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