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    1. @Khoi Tran How dare you say that to a complete stranger. I bet you don’t even know her real age.

    2. It’s annoying. For some reason, she can’t stop doing that annoying fry voice.

  1. It’s amazing that this one lady knows how to make everything perfectly lol

    1. 😂😂😂😂 she’s only frying food it’s not really that hard if you can use your brain


  2. This series is extremely informative and a great deal is learned. I made the 101 chocolate cake last to rave reviews except I used a cream cheese frosting or else it would’ve been too much chocolate for me but it was incredible and will be my go to chocolate cake recipe! Thanks so much!

  3. Working at tasty must be great, lots of creative processes, cooking, and eating! So straightforward too!

  4. Just tried the fried Zucchini and it was hella good! Quick tip: add at least twice the amount of water to the batter if you want it to be as thin as it is in the video.

  5. The shrimp looked good. I’ve only fried mine in seasoned cornmeal. Definitely going to try this next 🙂

  6. In the UK, this is called deep frying. ‘Frying’ just means cooking something in a frying pan with a little bit of oil (no submerging).

    1. You’re right, we say that the food is deep fried, though we still call it fried food 🤷‍♂️

  7. Something of note is that whenever you fry chicken for a while, it may leave your oil smelling kinda funky. Nothing to worry about, unless you are bugged by the smell, the oil (like the one in this video) is perfect to use for a couple more times.

  8. I know how to fry chicken but it’s interesting to see others take on it. Your videos are fun and you make intimidating recipes feel simple. Sub!

  9. I’ve tried to fry purple sweet potato the way you fry potatp and it was really delicious!! Tender and soft inside, crunchy and crispy outside and not too oily. Thank you Tasty team for share this tips 😁

  10. I use the dredge technique to fry chicken tenders, Calamari, and drumsticks. It works extremely well. I get best results when I use peanut oil at 350 degrees F.
    The Progresso and Emril brands of seasoned breading work very well 😊.

    1. i know im pretty late and i know its a joke, but if anyone wonders why, butter has really low smoke point comparing to the minimum temparature for frying which will resulting a burn flavor and no one wants that. and butter is unstable while heating up

  11. Thank you for demystifying frying (I think I have the beginnings of a rhyme!). I always thought that it would be a major pain to deep fry. You make it look totally doable!

  12. I love that you actually explain why your doing things and how to properly dispose of the grease.

  13. I love her voice. It has such an ASMR feeling…. Her voice is half the reason I see Tasty 101. I loved their tips and recipes too!!! Thank you tasty!!! 🙂

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