Your 2022 Christmas Sides | Gordon Ramsay

Here's your guide to Christmas dressings and sides! Perfect for snacking on in addition to being utilized for your primary.

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Your 2022 Christmas Sides | Gordon

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  1. Hi gordy thanks so much for all these recipes 2,022 of them its amazing.

  2. I really appropriate your efforts and cooking skill 👍👍that dish looks absolutely Amazon tasty and delicious 👌🥀🥀thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful recipe 👍🎁🤎

    1. What recipe? You haven’t even watched it yet…you commented 2 minutes after the video was posted!

  3. “a modern 21st century twist?” As opposed to a historical 21st century twist?

  4. Hear that sound ? Christmas is here . That means Gordon’s mom is about to show up again here … LoL 😂😘😘✊👍

  5. Used Gordon’s Xmas book for a very long time never gets boring thank you Gordon, Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎄🎅

  6. These dishes would take me forever to make lol, if I start now I might have them done by next Christmas 😂

  7. Hello Uncle Gordon Ramsay Happy Christmas 🎄 well prepared relaxing music of Christmas ❤❤❤❤

  8. I love you Chef! Happy holidays Gordon Definatley always wondered what sage leaves would be good for, now i know i Love It! Definitely Appreciate you!! God Bless 🤍🙏

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