You Can Order Girl Scout Cookies on DoorDash This Year #Shorts

No need to go out and find your favorite , instead, now you can simply purchase your favorites on and get them provided right to your door.

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You Can Order on DoorDash This Year #Shorts

You Can Order Girl Scout Cookies on DoorDash This Year #Shorts

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  1. Wow, they actually bypassed slave labor and any pretense at ‘building character’ by selling them door to door. What makes these cookies ‘girl scout’ cookies even?

  2. Door dash??? Then what gs troop actually gets credit or earns money for their troop??? DON’T USE DOOR DASH. Sorry your local girl scout troop. They sell online also but will get credit!

  3. Girl Scouts…where the girls scout is actually homeless but selling those greedy corporate cookies. I’ll pass.

  4. Still boggles my mind why they sell Girl Scout cookies in January. Whoever markets those cookies should know by now that New Year’s resolutions are in high gear that month. Why don’t they sell them in like late October through early December? Probably would be too smart

  5. So tragic. Scouting used to be about community. May as well just order off Amazon!

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