Vegan Shepherd’s Pie | Jamie Oliver

This shepherd's pie belongs to 's brand new, free spending friendly meal strategy. It's a meal designed to be excellent on your wallet, however not sacrificing any flavour. With sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, chickpeas and lentils it's bound to be your favourite hearty meal; perfect to warm you up in these chillier months! Take a look at the complete free meal strategy in this link –

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Vegan Shepherd's Pie |

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  1. Fantastic! More vegan stuff please Jamie. A vegan cauliflower cheese would be great. I find vegan cheese really rubbish (been a vegan for 5 years now) and really miss a good cauliflower cheese!!

  2. Vegan shephard’s pie, – one of my favorite dishes! Thank you so much, Jamie! All your videos are very interesting, but the vegan ones are simply the best!

  3. Love the hearty, wholesome flavor profile , colors ,textures and the incorporation of the chickpeas which is a superfood and enhances the nutrition profile considerably .. The wonderful crispy layer atop with the flavour story beneath…

  4. I believe, since it’s winter season, chestnuts would also be a nice addition for the “mince” bit of the pie. Moreover, sprinkle nutritional yeast on top of the mashed potatoes for an extra crust; I’ve always felt it adds to vegan dishes. Cheers.

    1. And a so called Chef labels a veggie pie as a lamb Shepherds pie hang your head in shame

  5. Fantastic! More vegan options please!! Great video.. thanks for sharing.

  6. Imagine getting offended by food :D…….great recipe, trying this one tomorrow.

  7. This looks incredible, going to try it the next time I can make some. And a lot of the tips you gave can be used with non-vegan cooking too, thank you!

  8. I made a lentil shepherd’s pie before this video came up… this looks delicious am saving it to make it soon tho its marvelous:)

  9. It’s lovely but on a budget.. it’s still an expensive dish .. he starts off reasonable but always ends up adding tons of stuff

  10. jamie hace tantos años que te veo que eres como de la familia eres tan bonito te adoro pero necesito subtitulos no entiendo el ingles seria estupendo poder leer en español lo que dices un abrazo

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