Two Sunday Roast Dinners | Gordon Ramsay

Here are 2 ideas but with a twist. Stuffed with horseradish Yorkshire puddings & Beef & ale stew with mustard dumplings, twice-baked bubble and squeak jacket potatoes.

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Two Dinners | Gordon

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  1. There is always something incredible to learn with Chef Ramsay 💯💯. Awesome job!

  2. Ahhh! Glad to see I’m not the only one that cooks my roast ( and ham) on top of carrots( and potatoes)😍 I LOVE watching Gordon cook with his kids!😍😍😍

    1. Yess, and I also like to cook with my children. Did you see our cookies like butterfly… Less sugar and no eggs ?👌👌👌

    2. @ecoNatalyRecipe Mmm 😋 Gordon Ramsey makes good two Sunday roast dinners and John Taffer and his experts and his crew is giving Gordon Ramsey credits.

  3. Just awesome seeing a dad and his father enjoying something they enjoy together.

  4. Looks superb Mr. Gordon! I’d love to try your food someday in the future.

    1. Been to his restaurant at Caesars palace in Las Vegas and can say it’s amazing. The 3 bangers and mash was ~chefs kiss~

  5. Yummy so delicious thank you chef Ramsay you’re the best 👍🔥

  6. This was awesome 👏🏽 can’t wait for my daughter to grow so I can cook with her

    1. Thanks for watching☝️Get-in-touch on whatsApp for Further Discussions on Financial Planning…

  7. Absolutely awesome dishes Chef Ramsay thank you.
    My Wish in this world would be to spend a day & cook a awesome meal with Chef Ramsay, my 11-year-old and I. As I want to take my son on a trip to England someday. I believe wishes do come true 👍🏻

    1. Thanks for watching☝️Get-in-touch on whatsApp for Further Discussions on Financial Planning.

  8. I love this new wholesome Gordon Ramsay content that’s just him and his family. Perfect for fans who want to learn something but don’t care for intense reality show drama.

    1. Thanks for watching☝️Get-in-touch on whatsApp for Further Discussions on Financial Planning..

    2. its not so new, his kids are all like 10 years older now lol

    3. He is only 3 or 4 years older than I am. Watching him interact with his kids makes me long for dad that would have taken the time. Good job G.R.! Love how you include – and interact – with yor family.

  9. What a lucky family to be able to enjoy your meals. Makes me so happy. Sunday family dinner should be a must for all families. My dear Granny lived with us when I was growing up and we always had Sunday dinner. 👏🏻

  10. Looks absolutely mouthwatering 👌👍love the hearty stew

  11. Vous avez une cuisine de rêve avec tout ce qu’il faut pour cuisiner 😍
    J’adorerai pouvoir faire vos recettes elles sont simples et ont l’air délicieuses 😋 malheureusement je n’ai pas assez d’argent pour m’acheter d’aussi beaux ingrédients 😕
    Merci de nous partager vos recettes c’est très gentil de votre part 🤗

  12. Yes! More old content! I can’t wait for the next upload of recipes from 7+ years ago. Love it!😁

  13. I love watching all your videos with your family. I have been watching your cookings and shows forever! I hope to have some of your foods. By any chance you got a restaurant nearby Madison, AL?? I would definitely love to try! So deliciously appealing!!!

  14. Your kids are lucky to have a chef dad. I would love to have been brought up knowing how to cook well. Or at least properly

  15. Mr. Ramsay, Tilly is just adorable, and I just love you so much for including your beautiful children in your cooking. You are an amazing dad and thank you for blessing your fans with this. Thank you for making cooking easy for my son and I. Love you sir. <3

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