They Broke Their Van, This Was Their Plan B | Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Christmas Road Trip

Dashing through the snow in a one-donkey open sleigh …

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They Broke Their Van, This Was Their Fallback|Gordon, Gino and Fred's Christmas Trip

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They Broke Their Van, This Was Their Plan B | Gordon, Gino and Fred's Christmas Road Trip

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  1. Hey you are in my country hello chef i am proud of that i hop you like it

    1. it literally shows a map with marakesh on it… so obviously morroco @@honeyrouxwhryyy4590

  2. What you have done guys it’s inspiring
    Those moments of traveling we want to see three of you again 🌟🔥💫👌

  3. Now that’s a strong donkey!! 4 Adult man, a cart and a goat is quite a lot of weight…

  4. 😂😂😂 three guys and the donkey AND its christmastime ⭐️ Thank you for that! 👌

  5. The 3 amigos ride out again. Love you all ❤ Merry Christmas guys 🎉

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