“That Is An Insult To ANY Greek Isle” | Kitchen Nightmares Full Ep

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"That Is An Insult To ANY Greek Isle" | Full Ep

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  1. When Ramsay doesn’t like the chef, and then suddenly the crowd comes out of nowhere and starts complaining about food. I mean its pretty obvious that Ramsay just calls this crowd by the phone and they perfectly know what to do next: complaining about everything lol
    That’s a little cheap and not fair

  2. Oh my word that is that calamari you grow that freaking calamari in a restaurant all my word my word omg it’s disgusting

  3. I normally love KN episodes but this episode kinda felt off to me. I just didn’t like how Aris was framed as being the bad guy for wanting to do things outside of the restaurant. It’s not like he was completely absent from it either, he just wasn’t interested in inheriting it or anything.

    1. IT’s not that he didn’t want to be in the resturant, that would be fine. It’s that he disrespected his very hardworking parents in their own resturant, at a party they threw to celebrate him. He basically announced to all his friends that he was better than that, which broke his parent’s hearts.

    2. it’s because of when he announced that he wasn’t going to work there when he was at a party in *their* restaurant, which is incredibly disrespectful, it deeply affected his parents so even though now he has changed his attitude, his parents still can’t let go

  4. Thought this was a short 5 minute clip but ended up watching it for an hour 😂

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