Sweet pea orecchiette | Jamie’s 5 Ingredient Meals | Channel 4, Mondays, 8pm

This Sweet pea orecchiette is such an easy midweek winner, and simple on the wallet too! Examine it out on my new television series, _ 's 5 Component Meals _, gave you by Tesco, on Mondays, 8pm, Channel 4.

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Sweet pea orecchiette | 's 5 Ingredient Meals | Channel 4, Mondays, 8pm

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  1. Looks good but I’m conflicted…. Potatoes and pasta. It’s carbs on carbs…. Not sure. 🙄🙄

  2. Every popular idea no matter on which topic is according to content creators quote:”a bad idea” because said content creator has always a “better” idea. Or just needs content 🎉

  3. Made this meal this evening, used a different pasta as that’s what I had in the cupboard. Very easy to make and it was delicious! Will definitely make this dish again.

  4. i don’t get how the taste work…qrecchiette and poteatos eating salt…and the sweetness of peas need a salty opponent

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